Upcoming Events

Summer Art Camp: Week 2

Art Around America (ages 5-9) WAITLIST ONLY June 27–July 1, 10 AM–3 PM Celebrate Independence Day through artwork inspired by American artists and famous landmarks. During this patriotic week, we’ll make art projects such as Rothko-inspired pastels, paintings in the style of Native Alaskan art, […]

Summer Art Camp: Week 3

Comics, Cartoons & Characters (4-days) (ages 5-9) WAITLIST ONLY July 5–8, 10 AM–3 PM In this 4-day week of camp, explore the world of cartoons, comics, and popular characters in everyone’s favorite camp! Create super fun art projects of familiar friends, like a mixed media […]

Vivid Stage Summer Solos 2022 – Accidentally Brave

Visual Arts Center of New Jersey 68 Elm Street, Summit, NJ

Accidentally Brave by Maddie Corman Tickets: $20 Courageous, daring, and unflinchingly honest, Accidentally Brave is an inspiring true story about discovering a new normal when the familiar world falls apart, a must-see examination of what it means to navigate a world with no certainty. Maddie […]

Summer Art Camp: Week 4

NEW! Art on the Move (ages 5-9) July 11–15, 10 AM–3 PM Let’s go! Join us for an ALL-NEW week of art camp, where the projects are inspired by things that move. Art projects will include papier-mâché tugboat sculptures, airplane paintings, and school bus collages. […]

Vivid Stage Summer Solos 2022 – Hopper

Visual Arts Center of New Jersey 68 Elm Street, Summit, NJ

Hopper by John Maclay Tickets: $20 A storyteller arrives to tell a story about a one-legged girl, true love, and a virus. It's an unusual ride filled with humor, heart, and tragedy. The right play for right now. Featuring: Daria M. Sullivan

Summer Art Camp: Week 5

Animals & Wildlife Art (ages 5-9) WAITLIST ONLY July 18–22, 10 AM–3 PM This week of camp is like taking a trip to the zoo, but way more creative! Explore the exciting world of animals and their amazing habitats. Kids will create projects such as […]

Vivid Stage Summer Solos 2022 – Polar Bears

Visual Arts Center of New Jersey 68 Elm Street, Summit, NJ

Polar Bears by David Templeton Tickets: $20 A father, sorting through boxes in his attic at Christmas time, spontaneously recalls one whopper of a true story (based on the playwright's life), involving his lifetime obsession with Santa Claus, his desperate attempts to keep his kids […]

Summer Art Camp: Week 6

Appetite for Art (ages 5-9) WAITLIST ONLY July 25–29, 10 AM–3 PM Dig in! This week of camp will feature art projects inspired by delicious foods and snacks. Campers will learn several art techniques while creating projects like a clay sculpture of a stack of pancakes […]

Vivid Stage Summer Solos 2022 – Bible Adventure Park

Visual Arts Center of New Jersey 68 Elm Street, Summit, NJ

Bible Adventure Park by Erin Mallon Tickets: $20 In this unorthodox adventure, a 17-year-old tour guide, Muriel, leads the audience on an immersive journey at a religious theme park. Audience members become the guests on the tour as they experience all the park’s adventures inspired

Summer Art Camp: Week 7

Art Around the World (ages 5-9) WAITLIST ONLY August 1–5, 10 AM–3 PM Pack your bags! Kids will “travel” the world and learn how different cultures create art. Make a print featuring Big Ben, draw geometric Middle Eastern-inspired tiles, and create a collage of South […]

Summer Art Camp: Week 8

Color Explosion (ages 5-9) WAITLIST ONLY August 8–12, 10 AM–3 PM Explore color! This camp introduces kids to the bold pop-art movement and other ways in which vibrant colors can be used in artwork. Kids will create projects that play with the use of colors, such […]

Summer Art Camp: Week 9

NEW! Out of this World! (ages 5-9) WAITLIST ONLY August 15–19, 10 AM–3 PM Art is the star of this ALL-NEW week of camp, featuring projects inspired by outer space. Kids will create projects that are truly out-of-this-world, such as moon prints, ceramic aliens, and […]

Summer Art Camp: Week 10

Mini Masters (ages 5-9) WAITLIST ONLY August 22–26, 10 AM–3 PM Kids become mini masters while experimenting with art media and techniques used by famous artists. While learning about art history, campers will use pastel to paint colorful haystacks inspired by Monet and sculpt ceramic pumpkins […]