Legacy Giving

You can help the Visual Art Center of New Jersey secure its future by making a planned gift or bequest to the Art Center. There are many creative and flexible ways to provide a lasting legacy, enriching the lives of generations to come.

Explore giving through your will and find a charitable giving plan that provides for you, your family, and the Art Center in the years to come. You will become a member of the Art Center’s Legacy Circle, a group of devoted and generous friends of the Art Center.


Legacy giving, also known as planned giving, allows anyone to make a substantial contribution to the Visual Arts Center of New Jersey, regardless of income or financial status. It is a way to level the playing field, giving everyone a chance to become a philanthropist and make a difference. And it provides significant financial benefits to you as well.

Here’s how:

Some legacy gifts provide lifelong income to the donor. Other gift plans significantly reduce taxes that would otherwise take a big chunk out your loved ones’ inheritance—providing for both charity and heirs in ways that maximize the gift while minimizing its impact on your estate.

In short, a planned gift is any major gift that is part of a donor’s overall financial planning.


  • A planned gift allows you to shape your own legacy—all while helping us to achieve and expand our mission.
  • It allows you to make a far bigger impact than annual gifts of cash.
  • A planned gift allows us to continue our mission far into the future, even while it helps make a difference today.

Planned giving opens up a whole world of possibilities for you to make a big difference to our mission while also securing your legacy—all for generations to come.

Have you already made the Art Center part of your legacy? Tell us about your gift so we may celebrate your generosity now!

For more information and to discuss a legacy gift to the Visual Arts Center of New Jersey (EIN 22-6046896), please contact Director of Development Jillian Decker at or 908.516.5292.

Please review the Art Center’s Gift Acceptance Policy.


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