Teena Soni –  Lotus: Awakening the Chakra

Marité & Joe Robinson Strolling Gallery II
February 8–April 12
The Golden Tree

Teena Soni, The Golden Tree, 2021, Natural stone color on cloth, 24 x 18 inches

Artist’s Statement:

In Lotus: Awakening the Chakra, I create miniature paintings using a contemporary style, giving a modern look to the paintings, while at the same time keeping the traditional miniature style alive. All the paintings feature meticulous detailing, which is the core of the Indian miniature style. All the paintings have vibrant colors and different themes. Whether they are joyous elephants dancing on the rhythm of life, calm and composed standing peacocks,  naïve deer hanging around The Golden Tree, or the Greatest Conqueror Horses, they all depict nature, life, purpose, creator, and their amazing creation. All the artwork is done using the natural stone color on different media such as cloth and paper.

Artist’s Bio
Teena Soni is a New Jersey-based, third-generation Indian miniature, contemporary, and abstract artist. She belongs to a traditional artistic family from Udaipur, Rajasthan and learned Indian miniature art under the guidance of her late grandfather Sadri Lal Chitrakar, a national award winner and Shilp Guru award recipient. and her artist and art collector father Shri Sharad Soni. Her rigorous training enriched her natural abilities as a painter with the rich cultural and traditional artistry, intricacies, and finesse of my preceptors. She considers the traditional art of Pichwai paintings as her blessed cultural heritage, which she is progressing with subtle contemporary amalgamations.

The Swirl of Lotus

Teena Soni, The Swirl of Lotus: Grey, 2021, Natural stone color on cloth, 21 x 17 inches

Gopu Pichvai

Teena Soni, Gopi Pichvai, 2021, Natural stone color on cloth, 24 x 18 inches

The Conqueror

Teena Soni, The Conqueror, 2021, Natural stone color on cloth, 24 x 18 inches