First Floor Gallery Renovations


The Visual Arts Center of New Jersey nurtures the capacity for personal expression, expands the creative experience, and fosters stronger communities by empowering people to see, make, and learn about art.

Our capital campaign for gallery renovations is a pivotal moment in the history of our institution. We are striving to create an innovative and inspiring space where artists can showcase their work and connect with art enthusiasts, educators, and the broader community.


This gallery renovation project has the potential to revolutionize the VACNJ and the greater artistic community in several profound ways:

Enhanced Visitor Experience: The immersive and sensory-rich galleries will attract a wider and more diverse audience, fostering a deeper appreciation for

art and enriching the cultural life of our community.

Innovative Art Engagement: By integrating technology and artistic elements, we will be at the forefront of redefining how art spaces engage with contemporary audiences, sparking creativity and curiosity.

Educational Opportunities: The renovated galleries will provide enhanced environments for our educational programs, furthering our mission to inspire and educate artists of all ages and backgrounds.

Cultural Hub: The VACNJ will become a cultural hub, encouraging collaboration with local artists, schools, and community organizations, positioning itself as a destination for artistic exploration.


Updated Ceilings: Introduce innovative ceiling installations that will captivate visitors, infusing galleries with a sense of wonder and elevating the ambiance to complement the exhibited artwork.

Energy-Efficient Flexible Lighting System: Implement a cutting-edge lighting system that not only enhances the visibility of artworks but also reduces energy consumption, underlining our commitment to sustainability.

Motorized Blackout Shades: Elevate the visitor experience by eliminating external distractions and seamlessly transitioning between natural and artificial lighting conditions, allowing for the full appreciation of the art on display.

Integrated Sound System: Create a multisensory environment by incorporating an integrated sound system, which will provide an auditory dimension to the artwork, enriching the overall experience and deepening the connection between art and the viewer.

Improved Sightlines: Remove physical barriers and enhance sightlines between the Main Gallery and the Eisenberg Gallery, creating a cohesive space that promotes a seamless flow of artistic exploration.

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