Suburban Vernacular

Marité & Joe Robinson Strolling Gallery II
October 3–November 29
Artwork Union Place: Winter Morning by Lisa Dworkin

Lisa Dworkin, Union Place: Winter Morning, 2019, oil on canvas, 20 x 30 inches

Dworkin’s Suburban Vernacular, on view in the Marité & Joe Robinson Strolling Gallery II, is a collection of oil paintings featuring the town of Summit. These works evoke the artist’s relationship with the town and, as she states, “the series is a collection of Summit cityscapes and scenes that are evocative of narrative and graced by hilltop light. What are the personal moments and memories that live in or are enhanced by the suburban architecture? As a recent resident of Summit, I see the open doors, illuminated lights, smokestacks billowing, and cars idling as intimate glimpses of a community churning, breathing, and connecting.” This is the artist’s first solo exhibition.

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