Stories from Our Homeland:
Journeys from Asia and Pacific Islands to America

Overlook Medical Center
May 11–August 27

Part of Overlook Medical Center’s Celebrating Cultures Series, and the Visual Arts Center of New Jersey’s ongoing partnership with Overlook, this exhibition is organized in honor of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. Featuring the work of Filipino-American artists in the New York and New Jersey area, including artists Katrina Bello, Pinky Urmaza, and Randy Zamuco, the artwork featured in this exhibition displays a range of approaches and subject matter. Through the artist-written description accompanying each artist’s work, these works relate a diversity of experiences relating to, and beyond, medicine and Filipino heritage.

Some of the artists, including Julio Jose Austria, Mic Boekelmann, and Francis Estrada are part of Northeast by Southeast (NExSE), a Filipino-American Art collective based in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania, “We are a group of nine Filipino artists. Our diverse intergenerational immigrant experiences are what inspire our artwork, along with our shared vision to decolonize the art world.”

Accompanying this exhibit will be “arts and healing” events for the staff at Overlook Medical Center.