Adult Workshops

4703/4704 Jewelry Wax Carving
Instructor: Jeannette Mullarkey
This two-day intensive workshop will focus on teaching Great product!!! Best I have found in several years taking medicines: pharmacy We would strongly recommend you to consult your doctor before taking a medication. the techniques of creating jewelry using wax carving and construction methods. Wax is a very versatile medium and allows the artist to create fluid, intricate, sculpturally exciting works. Once the wax model is completed the piece will be sent out for casting into silver or gold, and then finished in the studio.
4703 Sundays,1/16 & 1/30 (no class on 1/23), 10 AM–4 PM
4704 Sundays, 2/13 & 2/27 (no class on 2/20), 10 AM–4 PM
Tuition: $215, Materials fee: $45

4751 NEW! Recycled Handmade Paper, Bookmarks & Cards
Instructor: Alicia Cotter
Get on the upcycling trend and learn how to make stunning handmade paper sheets, cards and envelopes, and bookmarks from your recycling bin! Embellish your creations by incorporating dried flower petals, watercolors, stamps, decorative how much levitra tablet for sex stitching and more. Students will go home with four cards with lined envelopes, four bookmarks, and as many handmade paper sheets as time allows.
Sunday, 1/16, 10 AM–4 PM
Tuition: $110, Materials fee: $40

4803 Bob Ross Painting
Instructor: Mark Saenger
Back by popular demand! This workshop by certified and Bob Ross-taught instructor, Mark Saenger, is perfect for someone who has never painted before or wants to paint using the wet-on-wet technique made so popular by the famous TV series. Repeat students welcome. Students will be led step-by-step in creating their own beautiful autumn landscape. Come and make some “happy trees!”
Sunday, 1/23, 10 AM–4 PM
Tuition: $110, Materials fee: $40

4711 The Right Start: Wheel Throwing
Instructor: Lisette Bedoya
Never tried the wheel before? On the first day of this workshop, create pieces such as a mug or bowl. On the second day, learn how to decorate, trim, and slip-coat your pottery. Even if you are a pro at pottery, you are welcome to come!
Sundays, 1/23 & 1/30, 10 AM–2 PM
Tuition: $165, Materials fee: $40

4709 NEW! How to Take Professional-Quality Photos with Your iPhone
Instructor: Joanna Madloch
This hands-on workshop combines an introduction to the principles of photography with straightforward instruction on how to use your iPhone camera’s functions and editing tools. Elevate your casual snapshots to professional quality and produce printable photographs, that are not only shareable on social media but also competition and exhibition-worthy. We will cover topics such as subject matter, light, composition, macro, and action photography. In-phone postprocessing, including additional apps will also be included. Please bring your iPhone to class.
Saturday & Sunday, 2/5 & 2/6, 10 AM–4 PM
Tuition: $215, Materials fee: $15

4813 Handmade Books & Boxes
Instructor: David DiMarchi
In this book-making workshop, artists will become familiar with the tools, materials, and tricks of the bookbinding trade! Throughout this course, we’ll explore contemporary bookbinding, creating multiple book structures for highly personalized soft and hardcover books—ideal for journals, sketchbooks, and artist books. Every artist will leave with beautiful handmade books, and all the knowledge needed to explore binding in their own work. All book-making materials and tools are included, but artists should anticipate supplying recycled prints, decorative and/or handmade papers, photographs, and printed ephemera to include in their bindings. Beginners welcome and encouraged!
Sunday, 2/6, 10 AM–4 PM
Tuition: $110, Materials fee: $40

4705 NEW! Portrait Painting with a Limited Palette
Instructor: Dustin Adamson
This focused drawing workshop will cover drawing correctly from nature as a basic skill and foundation to good painting. Students will work from a live model while learning to represent the figure in charcoal and white chalk on toned paper. Students will work alongside the instructor as each stage of the process is explained and demonstrated. Emphasis will be on gesture, proportion and the character in order to represent the visual impression of the sitter and their environment. Observing specific values and shapes in combination with anatomical elements will help you develop your ability to think as a painter.
Sunday, 2/13, 10 AM–4 PM
Tuition: $110, Materials fee: $40

4712/4713 Glazes Galore
Instructor: Lisette Bedoya
Need glaze guidance? Do you have unfinished pieces from last session? Learn techniques and ways to glaze your previously bisque-fired unglazed work. As long as you created the pottery using clay from the Art Center, we can finish it! Bring at least five previously fired, never-glazed works to this workshop.
4712 Sunday, 2/20, 10 AM–2 PM
4713 Sunday, 3/27, 10 AM–2 PM
Tuition: $90, Materials fee: $25

4743 NEW! The Art of Handmade Paper
Instructor: Dawn Noonan
Learn how handmade paper is made from beating and screening pulped fibers to the pressing and finishing of sheets. Find out how specialty papers are made by using embedded materials such as dried flower petals, seeds, and confetti. We will explore the many personal and creative uses for handmade papers, which make a great surface for future artworks. Most materials provided.
Sunday,2/27– 2/27, 10 AM–4 PM
Tuition: $110, Materials fee: $40

4707 Encaustic Painting: Beginner & Beyond
Instructor: Kathy Cantwell
Explore encaustic, the art of painting with molten beeswax mixed with colored pigments and resin. This unusual medium provides results like no other with mysterious, deep, and translucent colors. Experiment with techniques such as layering, fusing, and incising. Safe handling of materials will also be covered. No experience necessary. Some materials included.
Sunday, 3/6, 10 AM–4 PM
Tuition: $110, Materials fee: $40

4708 Linoleum Block Printing
Instructor: Drew Maillard
Learn relief printing from start to finish. Through instructor demonstration and hands-on experience, students design, cut, and print a linoleum block print. We cover troubleshooting and fixing common printmaking problems, as well as creating finished proofs and editions.
Sunday, 3/6, 10 AM–4 PM
Tuition: $110, Materials fee: $20

4811 Explore Silver Metal Clay
Instructor: Kelly Green Grady
Silver metal clay is a unique material that consists of particles of silver suspended in an organic binder. It can be formed like clay, but when fired yields a solid silver object. Join us as we take a trip into the world of silver metal clay (PMC3). Students will make a custom piece of .999 fine silver jewelry (pendant or earrings) while gaining a basic understanding of rolling, texturing, shaping, finishing, and torch firing metal clay. Pieces will be fired and finished in class, so students may wear their creations home!
Sunday, 3/6, 10 AM–4 PM
Tuition: $110, Materials fee: $55

4745 NEW! Foundations of Successful Painting
Instructor: Sandy Ruda
Learn how to create a strong painting by starting with the basics. Composition, underpaintings, values, and color layering will all be covered at a pace suited for the beginner and intermediate painter. Students are welcome to bring in their own reference photos.
Sunday, 3/13, 10 AM–4 PM
Tuition: $110

4753 NEW! Mixed Media Sampler
Instructor: Alicia Cotter
If you have been curious about trying out mixed media art, this workshop is for you! Create a unique 10 x 10 inch artwork incorporating a multitude of mixed-media techniques. Techniques will include creating and using handcrafted stamps, making handmade paper from recycled paper for collaging, painting with acrylics, and more. Finishing techniques will also be covered.
Sunday, 3/13, 10 AM–4 PM
Tuition: $110, Materials fee: $25

4744 NEW! Handmade Paper Sculpture
Instructor: Dawn Noonan
Take papermaking into the next dimension. Drape freshly made paper sheets onto forms to shape three-dimensional paper elements that can be combined and embellished for beautiful sculptures. Session one will involve pulling sheets from pulp and applying them to supporting forms. In session two, students will take the dried, molded paper to assemble and embellish sculptures of their design. Space is limited for maximum individual attention. Most materials provided.
Sunday, 3/20, 10 AM–4 PM
Tuition: $110, Materials fee: $40

4617 Lampworked Glass Beads
Instructor: Stephanie Maddalena
Visit Venice without leaving the studio with this popular workshop! Learn to make beautiful Venetian-glass beads using glass rods and a hand-held torch.
Saturday & Sunday, 3/26 & 3/27, 10 AM–4 PM
Tuition: $215, Materials fee: $65

4706 Introduction to Floral Painting
Instructor: Dustin Adamson
Learn to paint beautiful floral compositions in a relaxing and supportive atmosphere. Over the course of two days, students will paint a floral arrangement from direct observation. Topics covered will include creating a pleasing composition, color and harmony, and using the comparative measurement method of observation. We will look at artists such as Fantin-Latour, Manet, Monet, and Van Gogh for historical reference and inspiration.
Sunday, 4/3, 10 AM–4 PM
Tuition: $110, Materials fee: $15

4805 NEW! Techniques for Setting Unusual-Shaped Stones
Instructor: Sue Sachs
Bezels are not the only way to set stones. Learn how to set unusual-shaped stones using various methods of working with wire and sheet metal. Students will explore different types of settings working with provided brass or copper; those wishing to work with silver may bring their own supply. Students can bring their own stones or purchase them in the studio. Open your mind to new and different ways of capturing stones and expand your design possibilities!
Sunday, 4/3, 10 AM–4 PM
Tuition: $110, Materials fee: $35