Adult & Teen Workshops

For all online workshops,  students will need to have access to a computer, tablet, or phone with internet and access to Zoom. When applicable the materials fee covers a supply kit that will be available for pickup at the Art Center one week prior to the start of the workshop.


3980 Wheel Throwing Boot Camp (4 days)
Lisette Bedoya
Don’t let those throwing skills get rusty! Come enjoy four days of throwing before the holidays. This boot camp will explore mug making, wet altering, and surface design. Feel free to bring any unfinished work to be completed, or get started on new projects. This boot camp is sure to ease the in-between semester blues. This four-day class will have Friday 12/18 reserved as a makeup date if needed due to any weather closures.
Monday—Thursday, 12/14–12/17, 10 AM–1 PM
Tuition: $235, Materials fee: $25

3955 NEW! Fun with Felt: Soft Sculptures
Instructor: Katie Truk
Follow in the footsteps of artists such as Richard Serra and Louise Bourgeois to explore soft sculptures. Using simple materials like felt, fibers, and notions, along with imagination and creativity, students will design and create both relief sculpture and sculpture in the round. Being able to sew is a bonus, but not necessary since multiple methods of soft sculpture construction will be covered.
Tuesday & Wednesday, 1/51/6, 14 PM
Tuition: $110, Materials fee: $20

3958 NEW! Color Theory Lecture for Photographers
Instructor: Nancy Ori
Color theory is a basic principle for all visual arts and it can be used to greatly enhance your photographs. Unlike painters who generally create their colors, landscape, and nature photographers basically find their colors. As such, it is important to understand how to really see color, especially what role light plays in the process of capturing, manipulating, and printing images. Knowing the physiological basis of color is also critical in understanding why some photographs are more successful than others. The goal of this lecture is to simplify the physics of light, the physiology of vision, and our perceptions of color and light in order to appreciate why we see color the way we do and how to use that knowledge to improve our photography. While this workshop is designed for photographers, the principles discussed will benefit artists who work with color in any media.
Thursday, 1/7, 79 PM
Tuition: $75


3975 NEW! Welcoming a New Year: 2021 Vision Board Collages
Instructor: Dawn Noonan
A vision board is a collage of images and words representing a person’s wishes or goals. Start the new year by creating your own personal vision board to serve as inspiration and affirmation for pursuing your dreams. Collaging materials will be provided, but students may bring their own images if desired.
Monday, 1/4, 10 AM4 PM
Tuition: $110, Materials fee: $15

3956 NEW! Soft Slab Footed Containers
Instructor: Peter Syak
Soft slabs lend pieces an organic, flowing feel. Learn how to work with soft slabs to build a lidded container. Peter Syak will also teach how to incorporate feet as part of the construction technique for a fun design element. Materials fee covers the cost of one bag of clay and bisque firing.
Monday & Wednesday, 1/4 & 1/6, 10 AM2 PM
Tuition: $165, Materials fee: $40

3960 NEW! Metalsmithed Flowers
Instructor: Sue Sachs
You don’t need a green thumb to make metal flowers and leaves. Using copper or brass learn how to form flowers to create an everblooming garden. Connect the flowers on a stem to make a pin, pendant, bracelet, or sculpture. Some metal experience is helpful. Please bring an image of your favorite flower for reference.
Tuesday, 1/5, 10 AM4 PM
Tuition: $110, Materials fee: $20

3963 NEW! Figure Drawing Intensive
Instructor: Joel Tidey
Take advantage of this opportunity to dive into a whole day of figure drawing to build your confidence and skill in expressing the figure. We will cover the fundamentals of representing the human form such as anatomical information, blocking in, linear and tonal applications, and learning to “see” more simply. This workshop will cover a variety of poses from gestures to longer poses.
Tuesday, 1/5, 10 AM4 PM
Tuition: $110, Materials fee: $40

3954 Monoprint Intensive
Instructor: Debra Livingston
Monoprinting is a unique process in which students use a painterly approach to printmaking. In this workshop, students will develop their image on a Plexiglas plate using oil-based printer’s inks of various colors using brayers, brushes, and other drawing and painting implements. Texture and stencils are used to further develop the image. The image is then transferred from the plate to paper using a printing press. Once dry, prints can be further embellished with colored pencils and other media to add depth. This fun process delivers a unique fine art print with immediate results.
Tuesday & Wednesday, 1/5 & 1/6, 10 AM4 PM
Tuition: $215, Materials fee: $20

3961 NEW! Wheel Throwing Intensive
Instructor: Emma Tabachnick
In this two-day workshop, we will focus on building foundational wheel throwing skills. On day one, students will learn proper centering and pulling techniques. The second day will be dedicated to trimming and learning how to add surface decoration at the greenware stage. Materials fee includes one bag of clay and bisque firing.
Tuesday & Thursday, 1/5 & 1/7, 10 AM4 PM
Tuition: $210, Materials fee: $40

3962 Expressive Figure Drawing with Line & Wash
Instructor: Joel Tidey
Experiment with the fascinating new medium water-soluble graphite. Students will work from a live model using line and wash to represent the figure. Gain confidence by learning to see form more simply through painterly expression. Students will improve their skills of observation to create fun and expressive works of art. Some materials provided.
Wednesday, 1/6, 10 AM4 PM
Tuition: $110, Materials fee: $42

3973 NEW! Explore Silver Metal Clay
Instructor: Kelly Green Grady
Silver metal clay is a unique material that consists of particles of silver suspended in an organic binder. It can be formed like clay, but when fired yields a solid silver object. Join us as we take a trip into the world of silver metal clay (PMC3). Students will make a custom piece of .999 fine silver jewelry (pendants and/or earrings) while gaining a basic understanding of rolling, texturing, shaping, finishing, and torch firing metal clay. Pieces will be fired and finished in class, so students may wear their creations home!
Wednesday, 1/6, 10 AM1 PM
Tuition: $80, Materials fee: $45

3974 NEW! Silkscreen Monoprints
Instructor: David DiMarchi
Break the mold of silkscreen printing as a graphic art! Explore silkscreen monoprinting in subtle, painterly ways, building a suite of images in soft layers, transparent masks, and unique mark-making. This workshop is more exploratory than technical, making it perfect for painters and printmakers. Artists will create a suite of 20 prints while investigating color and mark-making; transparency and tone; scale and shape; and methodical, freeform design. Come loosen your printmaking muscles and develop skills to add to your future works! All skill levels welcome and encouraged.
Thursday, 1/7, 10 AM4 PM
Tuition: $110, Materials fee: $25



3957 NEW! Creating an Art Journal (ages 13–17)
Instructor: Heidi SanFilippo
Wednesday & Thursday, 1/6 & 1/7, 68 PM
Create a one-of-a-kind art journal in this workshop just for teens. We will explore various techniques to illustrate inspirational words, create black-out poetry, and more to create beautiful works of art.
Tuition: $75, Materials fee: $25



3957 NEW! Experimental Drawing (ages 13–17)
Instructor: Aliese Andersen Volk
Wednesday & Thursday, 1/6 & 1/7, 68 PM
Shake up your drawing habit! This workshop will spark your creativity and help you develop your artist’s eye. Drawing from observation and imagination in the media of your choice, you will be guided through a series of exercises such as blind contour, drawing upside-down, drawing backward, drawing with the opposite hand, that will challenge your routine methods of working. This workshop is great for all levels and abilities. Some materials provided.
Tuition: $75, Materials fee: $5