Teen Painting & Drawing Classes

Artist taking an online art class

6523 Anime/Manga & Comic Drawing (ages 11–16)
Instructor: Doug Baron
Mondays, 6–8 PM
Create characters! Explore comic-book and Japanese/Chinese-style drawing, from dynamic perspectives to classic anime/manga facial features.
10 sessions: 1/8–3/11
Tuition: member $338, non-member $368
Materials fee: $35

6549 Just Drawing (ages 13–17)
Instructor: Stephen Yavorski
Tuesdays, 4–6 PM
Build up your confidence in your drawing skills! Learn how to take what you see in the 3D world and successfully translate it to a 2D paper surface. Whether you are an experienced artist preparing to create a portfolio or are new to the art world, students will receive individual attention appropriate to their level.
10 sessions: 1/9–3/12
Tuition: member $338, non-member $368

6739 Insta-Folio: Portfolio in a Pinch (ages 12–17)
Instructor: Andrea Gianchiglia
Wednesdays, 4–6 PM
This is the perfect class for students looking to create a strong portfolio for either a college or an academic program. Each week students will create a work of art in a variety of media such as charcoal, pencil, watercolor, acrylic, and even sculpture. By the end of the semester, students will have 7–10 pieces that they can use toward their portfolio, along with the knowledge of how to photograph and present their work in a cohesive way.
9 sessions: 1/10–3/13 (no class on 1/24)
Tuition: member $300, non-member $330
Materials fee: $38

6591 Drawing & Painting (ages 13–17)
Instructor: Andrea Gianchiglia
Thursdays, 6–8 PM
With an emphasis on artistic individuality, your teen will build a solid drawing and painting foundation through demonstrations and experimentation. Students will develop their own styles and, at the same time, learn the fundamentals of drawing and painting by exploring color and shadow to create still lifes, portraits, and more. Students will have the opportunity to work from a clothed model.
9 sessions: 1/11–3/14 (no class on 1/25)
Tuition: member $300, non-member $330
Materials fee: $40

6608/6609 Introduction to Oil Painting (ages 13–17)
Instructor: Stephen Yavorski
6608 Saturdays, 12–2 PM
6609 Saturdays, 2:30–4:30 PM
Oil paints have been a classic medium for centuries because of their luminosity and ease of use. Learn the foundation skills of painting in oils in this introductory course. We will cover the basics, including blocking in a composition, color mixing, value studies, and proper handling of materials. Students should wear clothes that can get messy.
10 sessions: 1/13–3/23 (no class on 1/20)
Tuition: member $338, non-member $368

6744 Drawing & Painting: The Next Steps (ages 13–17)
Instructor: Heidi SanFilippo
Saturdays, 2–4 PM
Advance your drawing and painting techniques using graphite, charcoal, and oil paint. Work on still lifes, drawing from a clothed model, perspective, color, and composition. Organize a group of work into a cohesive collection and develop a portfolio for future college use. Some materials are provided. Additional supplies to be discussed during the first class.
9 sessions: 1/13–3/23 (no class on 1/20, 2/17)
Tuition: member $300, non–member $330
Materials fee: $38

6649 The Basics of Drawing (ages 13-17)
Instructor: Joel Tidey
Saturdays, 2:30–4:30 PM
This fun and exciting drawing course is for students who want to focus on learning the foundations of basic drawing. Students will explore the principles of art and design through engaging drawing projects. This course covers all aspects of drawing including line, tone perspective, texture, and composition. Students will also be introduced to the art of figure drawing, portrait drawing, architecture, and more.
10 sessions: 1/13–3/23 (no class on 1/20)
Tuition: member $338, non–member $368
Materials fee: $27