Adult Painting & Drawing Classes

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5591 Painting from A–Z
Instructor: Sandy Ruda
5591 Tuesdays, 6:30–9 PM
This general painting class places the emphasis on oil painting, but you may work in the medium of your choice. Each class will begin with a short talk or demonstration covering multiple topics. Explore your inspiration and discover your vision.
5591 5 sessions: 2/21–3/21
Tuition: member $180, non-member $200

5693 Interior Paintings
Instructor: Mary Jean Canziani
Mondays, 9:30 AM–12 PM
In this class we will use our indoor surroundings as inspiration to make paintings of rooms that are imbued with much more than their actual furnishings. Interior spaces can project many personalities or moods that have an effect on our feelings. Students will learn technical aspects such as how to create drama through composition and the use of the grid system for transferring images to canvas. Each week we will study interior paintings from art history to observe different approaches and techniques. You will observe how perspective, light, and shadow contribute to rendering an interior space. These will inspire your own ideas on how to approach your painting and you can work in any medium of your choice.
5 sessions: 2/20–3/20
Tuition: member $180, non-member $200

5695 Painting from Photographs
Instructor: Mary Jean Canziani
Tuesdays, 9:30 AM–12 PM
Create better paintings from photographs. Rather than simply copying, learn to analyze and redesign images to produce a stronger composition. By sketching basic shapes and values, you can decide what to leave in and what to edit out. A focal point will be determined and design elements arranged to support it. Establishing a basic plan will give you more confidence when beginning your own painting, and with a strong foundation the details will sing even louder. You may work in their choice of paint media and bring your own or copyright-free photos for reference.
5 sessions: 2/21–3/21
Tuition: member $180, non-member $200

5644 Introduction to Colored Pencils
Instructor: Sandy Ruda
Thursdays, 12:30–3 PM
Learn the basics of rendering three-dimensional, life-like images in colored pencils. Principles such as color theory, color observation, composition, and layering techniques will help students achieve painterly effects in this unique medium. Discussion of materials including papers and the use of solvents and gel pens will be included.
5644 5 sessions: 2/23–3/23
Tuition: member $180, non-member $200