Adult Digital Media & Photography Classes

Artist taking an online art class

6133 Technology & Vision: Developing Your Photographic Voice
Instructor: To Be Determined
Tuesdays, 6:00–8:30 PM
This class will help photographers develop their digital technical skills and their individual artistic voice. Students will undertake an in-depth exploration of Lightroom & Photoshop’s potential to develop and enhance their images to their specific vision. Third-party creative plug-ins are also incorporated. Students will work independently between classes to develop the same image in software, allowing individual interpretation of the original image based upon each person’s artistic voice. Critiques and discussion will then help students share and identify certain techniques, concepts, and elements of composition they are interested in exploring further. Each class will contain supplemental materials and videos to assist in expanding creative awareness and new editing techniques. Limited printing will be available during class. Paper samples will be made available by instructor for class use.
6 sessions: 7/11–8/15
Tuition: member $280, non-member $310
Materials fee: $27

6138 Personal Projects: Digital Printing Access
Instructor: To Be Determined
Wednesdays, 4–6:30 PM
Continue to further your personal digital projects over the summer using the digital lab’s state-of-the-art Epson P9000 HDX Supercolor printer. Students will have supervised access to this fine art printer. Printing will be done through Photoshop CC or Lightroom Classic CC. Students will bring their own Epson compatible papers. Prerequisite: iMac computer experience, working knowledge of Photoshop CC and/or Lightroom Classic CC.
6 sessions: 7/12–8/16
Tuition: member $280, non-member $310
Materials fee: $25

6142 NEW! DSLR Basics Level 1: Understanding Your Camera
Instructor: John Scalera
Thursdays, 6:30–9 PM
This hands-on class is designed to give students a solid understanding of their DSLR camera when using the automated features and modes. Additionally, students will learn the manual capabilities and controls for complete creative control. The instructor will cover exposure triangle, shutter speed, aperture, ISO, composition, lighting processing, communication, and more. This course is NOT designed for point-and-shoot cameras. Please bring your own personal DSLR camera to class.
6 sessions: 7/13–8/17
Tuition: member $230, non-member $250