Adult Workshops

Artist Drawing

5237 Transforming Drawings into Intaglio Prints
Instructor: David DiMarchi
In this quick and easy workshop, artists will learn the techniques used to turn drawings into editionable prints! Using simple tools and materials, artists will explore drypoint/intaglio printmaking. Learn the ins and outs of properly inking and wiping a plate, and how to fully operate an etching press. This workshop is the perfect primer for future etching and intaglio classes.
Sunday, 8/21, 10 AM–4 PM
Tuition: $110
Materials fee: $25

5238 NEW! Exploring with Pastel
Instructor: Sandy Ruda
Explore the potential of painting with pastels as you learn about color, application, values, and blending. Beginner and intermediate students will feel comfortable as they are guided through the steps to completing a pastel painting. Materials will be covered in detail.
Sunday, 8/21, 10 AM–2 PM
Tuition: $90