Adult In-Person Workshops

4026 Lampworked Glass Beads
Instructor: Stephanie Maddalena
Visit Venice without leaving the studio with this popular workshop! Learn to make beautiful Venetian-glass beads using glass rods and a hand-held torch.
Saturday & Sunday, 4/10–4/11, 10 AM–4 PM
Tuition: $215, Materials fee: $65

3985 The Right Start: Wheel Throwing
Instructor: Lisette Bedoya
Never tried the wheel before? On the first day of this workshop, create pieces such as a mug or bowl. On the second day, learn how to decorate, trim, and slip-coat your pottery. Even if you are a pro at pottery, you are welcome to join!
Sundays, 4/11–4/18, 10 AM–2 PM
Tuition: $165, Materials fee: $40

4059 A Day of Sketching: Drawing for All Levels
Instructor: Mary Jean Canziani
Working in charcoal and pencil from a still life, students will work on increasing their observational skills and honing their drawing techniques. It is the sketching practice we all need as a foundation for working in any medium, or for the simple pleasure of drawing.
Sunday, 4/11, 10 AM–4 PM
Tuition: $110, Materials fee: $10

4022 NEW! Fabricating Spoons
Instructor: Sue Sachs
Learn how to make your own eating or serving spoon out of silver, brass, copper, or a combination of all three. Explore the metal working techniques of dapping, forging, and soldering in the creation of one-of-a-kind utensils. In addition, students can embellish their piece with stones or appliqué designs. Each student will design and make their own spoon.
Sunday, 4/18, 10 AM–4 PM
Tuition: $110, Materials fee: $40

4196 Introduction to Floral Painting
Instructor: Dustin Adamson
Learn to paint beautiful floral compositions in a relaxing and supportive atmosphere. Over the course of two days, students will paint a floral arrangement from direct observation. Topics covered will include creating a pleasing composition, color and harmony, and using the comparative measurement method of observation. We will look at artists such as Fantin-Latour, Manet, Monet, and Van Gogh for historical reference and inspiration.
Sunday, 4/18, 10 AM–4 PM
Tuition: $110, Materials fee: $15

3986 NEW! What’s Your Cup of Tea? The Art of Mug Making
Instructor: Lisette Bedoya
Mugs are some of the most popular functional forms a wheel thrower can learn to make. Design options such as shapes, types of handles, and decorative finishing are endless. Come explore the possibilities of mug making in this two-day workshop. Day one will focus on throwing forms. Day two will include trimming and creating and attaching handles.
Fridays, 4/23–4/30, 10 AM–2 PM
Tuition: $165, Materials fee: $40

4029 NEW! Handbuilt Ceramic Animals
Instructor: Sarah Maxwell
Learn various techniques of handbuilding while creating a small collection of animals of your choice. Guidance for glazing and decorating for regular cone 6 stoneware firing or raku firing will be included. Exploring the use of colorful underglazes for raku firing will also be covered. Materials fee includes clays, underglazes, full firing for cone 6 stoneware and bisque firing for raku work. Some reference images will be available, but students may bring a phone/tablet/laptop to research images as well.
Sundays, 4/25–5/2, 10 AM–4 PM
Tuition: $210, Materials fee: $45

4033 Linoleum Block Printing
Instructor: Drew Maillard
Learn relief printing from start to finish. Through instructor demonstration and hands-on experience, students design, cut, and print a linoleum block print. We cover troubleshooting and fixing common printmaking problems, as well as creating finished proofs and editions.
Sunday, 5/2, 10 AM–4 PM
Tuition: $110, Materials fee: $20

4060 Painting Play Day: No-Stress Approach to Painting
Instructor: Mary Jean Canziani
Grab your paintbrushes and leave your stress at the studio door! Explore painting in this class designed for students of all levels. You will have the freedom to express your emotions through painting while learning techniques for manipulating paint, celebrating the emotion of colors, and how to make the biggest impact with every brushstroke. The experienced instructor will provide instruction, support, and guidance on your painting journey. Painting materials will be provided. Please bring a reference image to work from.
Sunday, 5/2, 10 AM–4 PM
Tuition: $110, Materials fee: $30

3983/3984 Glazes Galore
Instructor: Lisette Bedoya
Need glaze guidance? Do you have unfinished pieces from last session? Learn techniques and ways to glaze your previously bisque-fired, unglazed work. As long as you created the pottery using clay from the Art Center, we can finish it! Bring at least five previously fired, never-glazed works to this workshop.
3983 Sunday, 5/16, 10 AM–2 PM
3984 Sunday, 6/20, 10 AM–2 PM
Tuition: $90, Materials fee: $25

4206 Industrial Landscape Painting
Instructor: Joel Tidey
Industrial sites can have a beauty of their own. Explore the differences and challenges of painting an industrial-themed landscape versus a traditional one. Learn how to use the shapes and shadows of buildings to make an exciting composition. Attention to details such as weathering and rusting on structures will emphasize the industrial environment.
Sunday, 5/16, 10 AM–4 PM
Tuition: $110

4034 Drawing in Perspective
Instructor: Drew Maillard
Want to add depth and realism to your drawing and painting? Learn step-by-step to draw one-, two-, and three-point perspective; measuring in perspective; and to achieve uniform proportions throughout a drawing. Follow along with the instructor through various exercises for hands-on learning.
Sunday, 5/23, 10 AM–4 PM
Tuition: $110

4195 NEW! Relief Printed Textiles
Instructor: David DiMarchi
Employ traditional linoleum printing, as well as more contemporary techniques, to carve and print images and repeat patterns directly onto textiles and paper goods. Learn the skills to hand-carve a multitude of one- and two-color images. We will print by hand and by etching press and learn modifications you can use to continue printing at home. Perfect for textile artists, hobby-and-craft artists, and new or emerging printmakers. Beginners welcome!
Sunday, 5/23, 10 AM–4 PM
Tuition: $110, Materials fee: $30

4032 NEW! On-Site Photography: Turtleback Zoo
Instructor: Bill Blanchard
Build your digital photography and Lightroom photo editing skills in this unique two-day workshop. Day one will be spent learning basic and advanced functions of your camera as well as the rules of good photographic composition while shooting at Turtleback Zoo in West Orange, NJ. Day two will be held in the Visual Art Center’s state-of-the-art digital computer lab where basic and more advanced enhancement techniques found in Lightroom will be used to polish your photos from the day before. A rain date is scheduled for the following weekend on June 12 & 13 if necessary. Part of the materials fee includes admission to Turtle Back Zoo.
Saturday & Sunday, 6/5–6/6, 10 AM–4 PM
Tuition: $215, Materials fee: $30

4035 NEW! Underpainting for Soft Pastels
Instructor: Anita Gladstone
Sunday, 10 AM–4 PM
Underpainting is a way of kick-starting and enhancing your work in soft pastels. Through demonstration and experimentation, students will learn about various techniques for creating an underpainting and what situations to use them in. Students will have the opportunity to create 2–3 small paintings.
Sunday, 6/6, 10 AM–4 PM
Tuition: $110

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