Kid Classes & Workshops

Kid In-Person Classes

4556 Cartoons & Anime Drawing (ages 7–10)
Instructor: Doug Baron
Saturdays, 10–11:30 AM
Are you a cartoon/anime/manga-lover? Create characters! Explore comic book and manga-style drawing from dynamic perspectives to classic anime/manga facial features. We pharmacy discount.com draw popular characters and work on simple and effective techniques for drawing and creating concepts. Master a unique style of creating cartoon, anime, and comic art—and have fun!
5 sessions: 10/23–11/20
Tuition: member $160, non-member $170
Materials fee: $17

4575 NEW! Design & Decorate Your Own Dollhouse: New Addition (ages 6–11)
Instructor: Vanessa Lopez
Saturdays, 2–4 PM
Whether you have taken an original Dollhouse class and want to add an addition to your existing house, or are generic viagra cheapest starting out new, this exciting class is for you! Students will transform a box into a three-room dollhouse with a patio. Students will use cardboard, fabric, wood, and more to create a fabulous dressing room/closet, a stunning art studio, and an outstanding office. Students do not have to have taken an original Dollhouse class to participate.
5 sessions: 11/6–12/11 (no class on 11/27)
Tuition: member $165, non-member $175
Materials fee: $42

Kid In-Person Workshops

4579 Ceramic Birdhouses (ages 8–12)
Instructor: Shelley Rosen Howard
Explore different styles and shapes of birdhouses, from geometric forms to circular and cylindrical. On the first day, students will learn basic slab construction, patching, and texturing techniques to hand build their own unique buy cheap generic levitra online birdhouse. On the second day students will paint their creations with purchase generic cialis colorful glazes. Be sure to wear cialis order no prescription clothes that can get dirty! Students cheap viagra on line will be contacted once their finished pieces are fired and ready to be picked up.
Fridays, 10/1 & 10/8, 4–6 PM
Tuition: $85, Materials fee: $22

4545 NEW! Create Your Own Unicorn House (ages 6–11)
Instructor: Vanessa Lopez
Create your own whimsical model of a unicorn’s house on top of a rainbow. Transform a cheap cialis no prescription wooden birdhouse into a home fit for a fantastical unicorn, complete with glitter pathways and a tea party in the clouds!
Sunday, 10/3, 10 AM–12 PM
Tuition: $60, Materials fee: $20

4508 NEW! Monet-Inspired Lily Pads with Frogs (ages 6–9)
Instructor: Emily Cross
Using Monet’s famous water lily paintings for inspiration, students will explore sculpting, painting and collage techniques to create a waterlily pond home for a fun froggy friend to live in! Demonstrations and one-on-one attention will be provided. Please wear a smock or play clothes as we will be getting messy!
Sunday, 10/17, 10 AM–12 PM
Tuition: $60, Materials fee: $20

4530/4771 Create Your Own 3-D Haunted House (ages 6–10)
Instructor: Vanessa Lopez
Calling all ghouls and ghosts! Come make your own 3D haunted house just in time for Halloween! First, paint a wooden bird house to look like an eerie house in the woods. Then use paint, model magic, glitter, and more to make spooky details for a unique haunted house that you can use as a special Halloween decoration for years.
4530 Sunday, 10/24, 10 AM–12 PM
4771 Sunday, 10/24, 3–5 PM 
Tuition: $60, Materials fee: $20

4514 NEW! Make Your Own Aquarium! (ages 6–9)
Instructor: Emily Cross
Learn basic sculpture, drawing, and collage techniques to construct a 3D aquarium diorama full of colorful fish! With guidance, students will use their imaginations to create a vivid aquarium scene they get to take home and admire for years to come. Please wear a smock or play clothes as we will be getting messy!
Sunday, 11/7, 10 AM–12 PM
Tuition: $60, Materials fee: $20

4546 NEW! Bejeweled Butterflies (ages 6–11)
Instructor: Vanessa Lopez
Create your own dazzling bejeweled butterfly in this exciting workshop! Students will paint a butterfly on canvas and add sparkling jewels, beads, glitter, and more to make one-of-a-kind artworks. Just bring a smock and your imagination.
Sunday, 11/14, 10 AM–12 PM
Tuition: $60, Materials fee: $20

4547/4815 NEW! Create Your Own Wood Gingerbread House (ages 6–11)
Instructor: Vanessa Lopez
Transform a wooden birdhouse into a fabulous faux gingerbread house! Students will make wood and model magic candy pieces to embellish their houses and finish by frosting it with paint and glitter. This is a gingerbread house you can keep and display year after year!
4547 Sunday, 12/12, 10 AM–12 PM
4815 Sunday, 12/12, 1–3 PM
Tuition: $60, Materials fee: $20

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