Adult Workshops

4562/4563 Jewelry Wax Carving
Instructor: Jeannette Mullarkey
This two-day intensive workshop will focus on teaching viagra cost with prescription the techniques of creating jewelry using wax carving and construction methods. Wax is a very versatile medium and allows the artist to create fluid, intricate, order viagra uk sculpturally exciting works. Once the wax model is completed the piece will be sent out for casting into silver or gold, and then finished in the studio.
4562 Sundays, 9/26 & 10/10 (no class on 10/3), 10 AM–4 PM
4563 Sundays, 11/7 & 11/21 (no class on 11/14), 10 AM–4 PM
Tuition: $215, Materials fee: $45

4494 Introduction to Colored Pencil
Instructor: Sandy Ruda
Learn how to use colored pencils to create dimension and realism on paper in this relaxed, no-stress workshop. The principles of drawing, color, and composition will be covered to help students master this medium. A still-life will be provided, but students are welcome to pharmacy discount.com bring reference photos if desired. Individual buy viagra for women uk attention will be emphasized. Beginners are welcome.
Sunday, 9/26, 10 AM–4 PM
Tuition: $110

4496 Get Your Values Worth: Drawing Darks & Lights
Instructor: Stephen Yavorski
Seeing and executing dynamic darks and lights in your artwork is an essential skill that creates contrast and heightens drama. Gain a better understanding of values and how to control lights and darks to use them more effectively and easily. Through demonstration and drawing exercises, students will learn how to identify and translate differing values. Students will then apply what they have learned mail online order propecia in a simple still-life drawing. Although the focus will be on drawing, this workshop is valuable for artists of many disciplines.
Sunday, 10/3, 10 AM–4 PM
Tuition: $110

4582 NEW! Torch Enameling
Instructor: Sue Sachs
Torch enameling is fantastic way to add vibrant colors to your copper or fine silver pieces without the need of a kiln. In this fun and direct process, watch enamels transform from powder to colorful glass as your piece changes temperature with heat from a torch. Different techniques of torch enameling will be discussed, as well as methods for setting finished pieces. No experience necessary.
Sunday, 10/3, 10 AM–4 PM
Tuition: $110, Materials fee: $35

4498 The Right Start: Wheel Throwing
Instructor: Lisette Bedoya
Never tried the wheel before? On the first day of this workshop, create pieces such as a mug or bowl. On the second day, learn how to decorate, trim, and slip-coat your pottery. All levels welcome, from beginner to pottery pro.
Sundays, 10/10 & 10/17, 10 AM–2 PM
Tuition: $165, Materials fee: $40

4583 Silkscreen Monoprints
Instructor: David DiMarchi
Break the mold of silkscreen printing as a graphic art! Explore silkscreen monoprinting in subtle, painterly ways, building a suite of images in soft layers, transparent masks, and unique mark-making. This workshop is more exploratory than technical, making it perfect for painters and printmakers. Artists will create a suite of twenty prints while investigating color and mark-making, transparency and tone, scale and shape, and methodical, freeform design. Come loosen your printmaking muscles and develop skills to add to your future works! All skill levels welcome and encouraged.
Sunday, 10/1, 10 AM–4 PM
Tuition: $110, Materials fee: $25

4590 Bob Ross Painting
Instructor: Mark Saenger
Back by popular demand! This workshop by certified and Bob Ross-taught instructor, Mark Saenger, is perfect for someone who has never painted before or wants to paint using the wet-on-wet technique made so popular by the famous TV series. Repeat students welcome. Come and make some “happy trees!”—students will be led step-by-step in creating their own beautiful autumn landscape.
Sunday, 10/10, 10 AM–4 PM
Tuition: $110, Materials fee: $40

4500 Getting Composed: Drawing Successful Compositions
Instructor: Stephen Yavorski
One of the most important elements in any successful artwork is its composition. This workshop will introduce students to what makes a good composition and why it is so important. Students will be shown how to use linear perspective, shape, detail, and contrast to guide the viewers’ eye through a composition. Through discussion, guided practice and active brainstorming students will explore applying these concepts their own compositions. Although the focus will be on drawing, this workshop is valuable for artists of any discipline.
Sunday, 10/17, 10 AM–4 PM
Tuition: $110

4577 NEW! Behind the Scenes: Fabricating Brooch Pins
Instructor: Jill Hurant
The brooch has always been coveted as a way to show creativity and design for jewelers, with the challenge being finding an artistic way to use the pin that attaches the brooch to the body. Learn how to fabricate pin backs that will make your piece look as good on the back as it does on the front. We will discuss the correct materials to use for the closures, including types of metals and tubing. Students will also learn the technical aspects of pin/catch making, using copper, brass, sterling silver, and stainless steel. At least three types of pin backs will be demonstrated and fabricated. Some soldering skills are required to take this workshop.
Saturday & Sunday, 10/23 & 10/24, 10 AM–4 PM
Tuition: $215, Materials fee: $35

4528 NEW! Transforming Recycled Paper into Handmade Paper
Instructor: Alicia Cotter
Learn how to transform recycled paper into custom handmade paper to use in artwork, cardmaking and journaling. Make recycled paper into pulp, add color and textures, and mold it into individual sheets of handmade paper. This fun and relaxing process yields beautiful results! Most materials provided.
Sunday, 10/24, 10 AM–4 PM
Tuition: $110, Materials fee: $40

4534/4535 Glazes Galore
Instructor: Lisette Bedoya
Need glaze guidance? Do you have unfinished pieces from last session? Learn techniques and ways to glaze your previously bisque-fired unglazed work. As long as you created the pottery using clay from the Art Center, we can finish it! Bring at least 5 previously fired, never-glazed works to this workshop.
4534 Sunday, 11/7, 10 AM–2 PM
4535 Sunday, 12/5, 10 AM–2 PM
Tuition: $90, Materials fee: $25

4588 NEW! Capturing the Colors of Fall in Watercolor
Instructor: Mark de Mos
To capture the magic of autumn, choosing your palette of colors is the key. We will cover choices of palettes and approaches for a successful autumn scene. Do you want to use primary and secondary colors to create bouncy exciting colors or an understated, southwestern palette of Venetian red, yellow ochre, and cerulean blue? We will also will cover creating subtle greens to add to the palette you choose. Demonstrations and photographs will be available to use for inspiration and reference.
Sunday, 11/7, 10 AM–4 PM
Tuition: $110

4537 Color Theory
Instructor: Andrea Gianchiglia
This workshop is perfect for artists working in any medium to help understand color to the fullest. Elements of temperature, value, and underlying hues will be demonstrated. Learn to mix the exact color you want and how to recreate it again. Through discussion and hands-on exercises, students will gain confidence and knowledge in how color works and how to make it work for them. Although students will be working in acrylics, this workshop pertains to all color media.
Sunday, 11/14, 10 AM–4 PM
Tuition: $110, Materials fee: $30

4580 NEW! Fabricated Botanical FormsInstructor: Sue Sachs
You don’t need a green thumb to make metal flowers and leaves. Using copper or brass, learn how to form flowers to create an everblooming garden. Connect the flowers on a stem to make a pin, pendant, bracelet, or sculpture. Some metal experience is helpful. Please bring an image of your favorite flower for reference.
Sunday, 11/14, 10 AM–4 PM
Tuition: $110, Materials fee: $20

4587 NEW! One-Day Weaving with Ellen Hess
Instructor: Ellen Hess
Weave a scarf, table runner, or wall piece in this special one-day workshop. Learn the basics of weaving on a tabletop four-harness loom with FIT Textile/Surface Design professor, Ellen Hess. Students will work on pre-warped looms and weave the project of their choice.
Sunday, 11/14, 10 AM–4 PM
Tuition: $110, Materials fee: $40

4539 Painting Play Day: No-Stress Approach to Painting
Instructor: Mary Jean Canziani
Grab your paintbrushes and leave your stress at the studio door! Explore painting in this class designed for students of all levels. You will have the freedom to express your emotions through painting while learning techniques for manipulating paint, celebrating the emotion of colors, and how to make the biggest impact with every brushstroke. The experienced instructor will provide instruction, support, and guidance on your painting journey. Painting materials will be provided. Please bring a reference image to work from.
Sunday, 11/21, 10 AM–4 PM
Tuition: $110, Materials fee: $30

4540 Gel Plate Monotype Printmaking
Instructor: Alicia Cotter
Gel plates have a soft, gelatin-like feel, but are durable, reusable, and simple to work with. Learn the process of monotype printmaking using acrylic paints with this versatile and economical printmaking tool. Explore mark-making and layering techniques to create prints that can stand alone as artwork or be used as a foundation for other mediums.
Sunday, 12/5, 10 AM–4 PM
Tuition: $110, Materials fee: $30

4567 Silver Metal Clay Jewelry Set
Instructor: Kelly Green Grady
Silver metal clay is a unique material that consists of particles of silver suspended in an organic binder. It can be formed like clay, but when fired yields a solid silver object. Join us as we take a trip into the world of silver metal clay (PMC3). Students will make a custom set of a pendant and earrings while gaining a basic understanding of rolling, texturing, shaping, finishing and torch firing metal clay. Pieces will be fired and finished in class, so students may wear their creations home!
Sunday, 12/5, 10 AM–4 PM
Tuition: $150, Materials fee: $50

4532 Lampworked Glass Beads
Instructor: Stephanie Maddalena
Visit Venice without leaving the studio with this popular workshop! Learn to make beautiful Venetian-glass beads using glass rods and a hand-held torch.
Saturday & Sunday, 12/18 & 12/19, 10 AM–4 PM
Tuition: $215, Materials fee: $65

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