Adult Online Classes & Workshops

To participate in online classes, students need to have access to a computer, tablet, or phone with internet and access to Zoom.

3722 NEW! Draw Everything with Confidence – online class
Instructor: Stephen Yavorski
Mondays, 7–9:30 PM
Build confidence in your drawing skills! Learn how to take what you see in our 3D world and successfully translate it to a flat paper surface through clear instruction on the principles of drawing. If you feel ready to take your work to the next level, you may develop your drawings into paintings.
10 sessions: 9/21–11/30 (no class on 9/28)
Tuition: member $300, non-member $330

3730 Understanding Landscape Painting – online class
Instructor: Gerry Heydt
Tuesdays, 12:30–3 PM
Learn to create atmospheric and painterly landscape paintings from your own photos. Instruction includes: how to structure a painting; mixing realistic colors; and capturing accurate perspective, scale, and atmosphere. Learn how to handle skies, grasses, trees, water, and other landscape elements by simplifying and using expressive brushwork. Instructor will provide both demonstrations and one-on-one instruction.
10 sessions: 9/22–11/24
Tuition: member $300, non-member $330

3718 NEW! Drawing 101 – online class
Instructor: Aliese Andersen Volk
Wednesdays, 9:30 AM–12 PM
This all-purpose drawing class will teach the basic technical skills of drawing from observation. Using a variety of media and techniques, students will learn about value, shape, and composition, as well as how to sight and measure their subject to create accurate drawings.
5 sessions: 10/21–11/18
Tuition: member $160, non-member $170

3695 Art Appreciation 101 – online class
Instructor: James Adkins
Thursdays, 7–8:30 PM
Gain a better understanding of famous artworks and artists from art history. This easy-to-understand discussion series will cover cultural influences, ideas, and times that informed artists and their works. This five-week course will start from the very beginning, covering the ancient world and will include the oldest examples of mankind’s compulsion to create images in the Ice Age, then trace the history of art to Mesopotamia and Egypt, and conclude with the civilizations of ancient Greece and Rome. Discover where and how the foundations of art were established!
5 sessions: 10/22–11/19
Tuition: member $90, non-member $100

3723 NEW! Exploring Art Journaling – online class
Instructor: TBD
Fridays, 6:30–9 PM
Art journaling is a wonderful tool and habit for artists (or anyone). Keeping a journal that contains your inspirations, frustrations, dreams, and fears is a way to creatively process the things happening in your life and the world around you. Learn how to bind your own journal, then fill it with a number of mediums and techniques. Students will learn about calligraphy, collage, mixed media, and self-expression. This class is great for those interested in the process of art-making and experimenting.
10 sessions: 9/25–12/4 (no class on 11/27)
Tuition: member $300, non-member $330

3701 NEW! Unlock Your Artistic Potential: Overcoming Creative Obstacles – online workshop
Instructor: Sarah Canfield
Are you someone who dreams about making art, but struggles to find the time? Has your art-making been affected by life circumstances, creative blocks, or rejection? Do you appreciate the arts but consider yourself “uncreative?” This workshop will address common creative obstacles and will introduce positive ways to shift thinking and behavior that bring a spirit of play and enjoyment to start or reinvigorate your art-making process. Topics including the science of creativity, mindset, motivation, goal setting, and the importance of self-care. Utilizing art-making and writing exercises with supportive individual and group feedback, the instructor will share insights learned through many years as a professional exhibiting artist combined with her experience as a counselor and art therapist.
Sunday, 10/4, 10 AM–4 PM
Tuition: $105

3614 Pump Up Your Pastels – online workshop
Instructor: Andrea Gianchiglia
Learn how to execute a landscape with luminescence, color, and vibrancy in pastel. Demonstrations on how to achieve strong saturation to bring emphasis to the subject matter, how to work with value through color, and how to execute several strong pieces will be discussed. Non-conventional techniques will be demonstrated to show various ways to use pastel.
Sunday, 10/11, 10 AM–4 PM
Tuition: $105

3720 NEW! Mixed Media: Photography & Paint Processes – online workshop
Instructor: Sarah Canfield
Combine painting and photography to create rich and dynamic mixed media artwork. Students will benefit from the expertise of two instructors from different perspectives; Sarah from painting and Heidi from photography. Various image transfer techniques will be presented for students to learn how to transfer images to canvas and wood panels. A variety of painting media including pastel and acrylics will be introduced to merge with the transferred images. Students will learn to match the techniques and mediums needed to realize their artistic visions.
Sundays, 10/25, 10 AM–4 PM
Tuition: $105, Materials fee: $30

3732 The Essentials of Close-up Photography (online workshop)
Instructor: Nancy Ori
Sundays, 1–3 PM
Learn insights into how to make strong digital photographs of flowers, still life compositions and any type of small objects. This online workshop open to students of all levels will help you gain confidence in your photography as you learn the lighting, camera, and lens secrets of macro and close-up photography to make meaningful images.
2 sessions: 11/1, 11/22
Tuition: $105, Materials fee: $25

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