Kid Classes

Artist taking an online art class

5468 The Art of Drawing (ages 11–13)
Instructor: Dawn Noonan
Saturdays, 10–11:30 AM
Draw with detail! Learn the fundamentals of drawing using graphite, charcoal powders, toned paper, and Conté pencil to explore topics and gain skills. In this relaxed class, learn key skills through in-depth demonstrations. Practice drawing different types of fabric textures and patterns as well as metallic and glass objects. Students will also draw a live, clothed model.
10 sessions: 10/1–12/10 (no class on 11/26)
Tuition: member $300, non-member $330
Materials fee: $40

5476 Design Your Own 3D Museum (ages 6–11)
Instructor: Vanessa Lopez
Saturdays, 2–4 PM
Create your own museum using cardboard, wood, paint, model magic, and more. Learn about art from different time periods and styles and create your own masterpieces to hang in your museum. Create a splatter painting like Jackson Pollock, learn about Surrealism with Magritte, create an Egyptian style self-portrait, and create unique sculptures like Jeff Koons. Students will also create furniture and “lighting” for their museum. We will hang images of famous artwork next to the images you create to build a truly unique museum!
5 sessions: 11/5–12/10 (no class on 11/26)
Tuition: member $165, non-member $185
Materials fee: $45

5478 Create Your Own Woodland Fantasy Treehouse (ages 6–11)
Instructor: Vanessa Lopez
Sundays, 12:30–2:30 PM
Create your own woodland fantasy treehouse in this new 5-week class. Students will transform a large cardboard box using papier mâché into a tree-style house fit for a fairy or any fantasy woodland creature. Students will use a variety of media and natural materials to create furniture, decorate the house, create a garden, and more!
5 sessions: 11/6–12/11 (no class on 11/27)
Tuition: member $165, non-member $185
Materials fee: $45