Adult Fiber Classes

Artist taking an online art class

5397/5398 Fabric Art
Instructor: Traci Zaretzka
Mondays, 12:30–3 PM
Want to work with fabric, but don’t want to sew? Fabric can be used for much more than just sewing! In this course, you will learn about quilts, landscapes, and still lifes, as well as basic art principles such as composition, pattern, and even art history. Students will create nine fabric collages; no sewing required.
5397 5 sessions: 9/19–10/24 (no class on 9/26)
5398 5 sessions: 11/7–12/5
Tuition: member $175, non-member $195
Materials fee: $21

5347 NEW! Exploring Handmade Paper
Instructor: Heidi SanFilippo
Mondays, 6:30–9 PM
This class is for students interested in learning the basics of the papermaking process, from preparing the pulp, working with tools such as a deckle and mold, and adding embellishments with additives such as dried flower petals. If desired, students will have the opportunity to take their handmade papers and learn simple binding and embellishment techniques in Heidi’s one-day Handmade Journals workshop later in the semester (please see the Adult Workshops listings for more information).
4 sessions: 9/19–10/17 (no class on 9/26)
Tuition: member $145, non-member $155
Materials fee: $40

5385 Weaving on a Four-Shaft Loom
Instructor: Ellen Hess
Tuesdays, 6:30–9 PM
This class is the perfect introduction to handweaving on a four-harness tabletop loom. Learn how to weave a variety of structures and color patterns such as tabby, tweed, satin, houndstooth, and more. Over the course of the class, students will create their choice of a scarf, wall piece, or table runner. Finishing methods will also be discussed and demonstrated.
10 sessions: 9/20–11/29 (no class on 10/4)
Tuition: member $360, non-member $390
Materials fee: $65

5419/5420 Felted Art: Needle Felting in 2D & 3D
Instructor: Martha McDonald
Wednesdays, 9:30 AM–12 PM
Needle felting is a fun fiber technique that is easy to learn and full of possibilities. Through demonstrations and step-by-step instruction, students will learn how to transform colorful wool roving into beautiful, tactile felted images and objects. Techniques covered will include how to form basic shapes, layering colors, adding details, and more. Our class will create landscapes, abstract works, and sculptural 3D pieces, as well as incorporate found objects and upcycled woolens. Individual designs are encouraged to create truly one-of-a-kind pieces of felted art.
5419 5 sessions: 9/21–10/26 (no class on 10/5)
5420 5 sessions: 11/9–12/7
Tuition: member $175, non-member $195
Materials fee: $30