2023 Half-Day Digital Summer Art Camp for Tweens
(ages 10–12)

Monday–Friday, 10 AM–12:15 PM
This camp offering is perfect for tweens looking to expand their skills in the ever-evolving field of digital arts. This small-group camp will take place in our specially equipped digital arts studio. Due to the limited nature of this camp, each week will be repeated to accommodate more students. For each session, students must have a portable storage device, such as a thumb drive, for saving their progress in class.

July 31–August 4
Dive into digital! In our fully-equipped digital lab, tweens will use software to explore the concept of fine art in the digital realm. Tweens will analyze elements of art and learn how to apply them to create digital art. This camp will also cover artistic concepts of composition and idea development.

July 17–21
August 7–11
In this five-day camp, tweens will learn how to analyze and speak about the images they see in their everyday lives. Campers will critically think and discuss the technical aspects of what comprises a meaningful photograph through artistic composition, framing, and form. By reinforcing photo vocabulary words, tweens will as well have the opportunity to create their own original photographs both in the Art Center and on photo-walks throughout the neighborhood. The program will culminate with tweens digitally editing their photographs for the purpose of sharing them with their fellow campers or through the creation of their own photobooks. Students will need to bring a digital camera or smartphone with a camera to this camp.

July 24–28
August 14–18 WAITLIST ONLY
From cereal boxes to posters to social media, graphic design is everywhere. It is a way of communicating using line, shape, color, space, and more to share information and ideas through art. During this week of camp, tweens will learn to think graphically by exploring page layout, typography, and marketing. The week will start by using traditional drawing skills to sketch out ideas, then tweens will learn to translate their ideas to the computer using Adobe Photoshop.


Daily Schedule
9:30–10 AM – Car line drop-off
10 AM–12:15 PM – Tween Half-Day Camp
12:15–12:45 PM – Car line pickup

Pricing Per Week
Tuition: $330/members; $340/non-members