Cabin Fever Artist Talk: Elisabeth Smolarz

During our closure due to the ongoing health crisis, the Art Center is working on ways to bring art to you at home, virtually. This is one such effort, which we’re playfully calling Cabin Fever Artist Talks. For these, we’ve asked artists to tell us a little about themselves and their work. In some cases, they’ll be answering questions provided by the Art Center. In others, they’ll be showing us around their studio or highlighting works in progress.

For our first installment, we’ll be hearing from Elisabeth Smolarz, whose show The Encyclopedia of Things is one of the Art Center’s spring exhibitions. In that show, the artist collaborated with individuals in Guttenberg, NJ, to photograph treasured personal objects in their home environments. Watch the video below to hear about the inspiration for her current show and what she considers her biggest influences.

The Visual Arts Center of New Jersey expresses their deepest condolences to the family and friends of Javiera Rodriguez, a participant in Elisabeth Smolarz’s The Encyclopedia of Things.

A message from the Elisabeth Smolarz:
“My heart aches to hear about Javiera’s death. We only spent a short time together, enough to truly connect. She touched me, she taught me, deeply human as she was. We lost one of the kindest and thoughtful people I have ever had the privilege to know, and now to miss. My deepest sympathies to all her loved ones.”

A message from Matt Barteluce, the Director of Guttenberg Arts, our partner on this exhibition:
“The Guttenberg Arts family is beyond sad to say we lost a dear friend, incredible artist, and constant supporter of the arts and Hudson County. Javiera Rodriguez was a luminary of the Hudson County Arts scene and one of the first community members who walked through our doors and got involved in our mission. From supporting our artists and publications through the Raven Gallery and participating in our portrait series to creating a wishing tree in Braddock Park, teaching arts, and organizing all kinds of unique events and parties she was truly a cornerstone of our community of artists, crafters, and rebels. We want to wish all her friends and family our deepest condolences in this incredibly difficult time.”

To hear an interview with Javiera, click here:

To read a lesson plan from Kerrie Bellisario (Morris County School of Technology) based on Smolarz’s artist talk, click here.

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