Patricia Kozlowski: Moments in Time

The Gallery at The Summit Free Public Library
June 1–July 31
Patricia Kozlowski, "Autumn Tree / Peapack, NJ"

Patricia Kozlowski, Autumn Tree / Peapack, NJ, 2018, Oil on canvas, 34 x 28 inches

Patricia Kozlowski’s subject matter always involves landscapes and nature. She calls them “moments in time” — scenes caught on camera in New Jersey or on her travels throughout Europe that she transforms into paintings. This selection of Kozlowski’s work reveals her interest in water and the play of light and shadow. Her oceans and waterfalls express power and movement, while her snow and ice paintings instill a sense of serenity. Relating the exquisiteness of nature, she paints a fall tree with its magnificent color reflecting on a perfectly still pond. Light and shadows produce contrast, draw attention to details, and contribute to the mood of her work. Kozlowski’s goal is to present work that catches the beauty, richness, and wonder of nature.

About the Artist
Kozlowski is a licensed clinical social worker and has spent years helping people identify and solve their problems. For the last twenty-five years, she has studied drawing and painting at the Visual Arts Center of New Jersey. She has discovered that creating art, much like her career, is like solving problems, requiring constant decision-making and concentration. While some might find this exhausting, Kozlowski finds this exhilarating.