Michael Lukachko: Autumn Harvest

Ann’s Place Gallery
September 18–October 31
A Seminal Moment by Michael Lukachko

Michael Lukachko, A Seminal Moment, 2017, Wood veneer and collage, 32 x 19

Michael Lukachko has been doing marquetry for a long time, and each piece can take anywhere from 6 months to a year to complete. Autumn Harvest references the art of marquetry and “tarsia” as practiced by Italian Renaissance masters but brought forward to the present through the use of more modern materials. Technically, the work explores the illusion of spatial depth on a flat surface through the use of perspective and shifts in scale. Thematically the work reflects some of the artist’s personal experiences while working and studying in Italy, memories of a childhood filled with Italian customs and relatives, and a quirkiness that seems to be how he sometimes views the world.

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