Interior Monologues

Main Gallery
February 22–June 16
Susan Leopold "Attic"

Susan Leopold
Attic, 2016
Mixed media lightbox
17 x 15 x 10 inches
Courtesy of the artist and Elizabeth Harris Gallery, NY

This group exhibition explores the real, imagined, or implied narratives connected to interior spaces. Several of the artists in Interior Monologues depict real places—some populated by specific characters—while others invent new places based on their own experience or imagination. Many of the works suggest hidden histories or embedded memories and emotions. The interiors devoid of people are like empty stage sets waiting for actors to animate them. Whether public or private, all of these interior settings are activated by the presence (or absence) of humans.

Interior Monologues is a multi-media show, incorporating painting, sculpture, drawing, collage, video, and site-specific installation. Participating artists are: Matt Bollinger, Erin Diebboll, Susan Leopold, Dana Levy, Summer McCorkle, Anne Muntges, Casey Ruble, and Paul Wackers.

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