Gary Petersen: Tilting Points

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Gary Petersen: Tilting Points
Studio X
September 28, 2014 – January 18, 2015

Opening Reception: September 28, 1 pm – 4 pm

Gary Petersen is a New York-based painter known for his dynamic and colorful geometric abstractions. During the past several years he has extended his studio practice and experimented with large-scale paintings directly on the wall. For this site-specific project in Studio X, Petersen has created a painting that encompasses all five of the gallery walls. The viewer entering the space is immediately surrounded by and immersed in the work. Tilting Points is effectively a “walk-in” painting that transforms two-dimensional imagery into a three- dimensional environment.

The artist works intuitively and looks to his own previous work for inspiration. The tilted forms resembling empty frames derive from his vertically oriented paintings on wood and canvas; here he stretches and distorts their shapes to fit the horizontal format of the wall. Petersen considers the idea of contradiction to be central to his work. Seeking a balance between chaos and control, he plays with opposing ideas such as horizontal and vertical formats, warm and cool colors, real and illusionistic space, compression and expansion, geometry and pop culture. Equally at ease with the realm of the math book and the comic book, Tilting Points piques the intellect as well as the emotions, and satisfies both.