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Kids (ages 5–9)

Art Around America
June 28–July 2, 10 AM–3 PM
Celebrate Independence Day through artwork inspired by American artists and famous landmarks. During this holiday week, we’ll make art projects like prints inspired by American artist Robert Indiana, mixed media cityscapes, and ceramics with a nod to Native American pottery.

Tweens (ages 10–12)

Intro to Web Comics and Fiber Arts
June 28–July 2, 10 AM–3 PM
Intro to Webcomics: Explore the world of webcomics! Tweens will learn various hand-illustration techniques for comics, as well as discuss strategies for starting and maintaining a successful project on the web. Campers will focus on improving their artistic skills and will touch on ways in which they can safely and effectively use the web to their advantage. They will also discuss the best ways to manage consistent updates of their work online.
Fiber Arts: If you are interested in color, texture, and fiber, come explore the wonderful world of fiber arts. Tweens will create functional and decorative textiles by learning the basics of how to warp and weave on a loom, Campers will create several skill-building projects during this exciting week of camp.

Teens (ages 13+)

Printmaking Techniques and Watercolor Exploration WAITLIST ONLY
June 28–July 2, 10 AM–3 PM
Printmaking Techniques: In this unique camp, teens will create their own limited-edition prints on our professional presses! Teens will learn various techniques, styles, and tools of the printmaking trade through demonstrations and hands-on practice. This camp will cover techniques including Plexiglass drypoint and monoprinting, as teens create original one-of-a-kind or editionable prints.
Watercolor Exploration: Watercolor is a classic painting medium that builds upon drawing skills while also incorporating color theory. The foundations of watercolor painting and color mixing will be explored as teens are introduced to a variety of techniques, including basic washes, layering of paints, and how to create strong compositions with the interplay of dark and light values.


June 28, 2021
July 3, 2021