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Art Around America (ages 5-9) WAITLIST ONLY
June 27–July 1, 10 AM–3 PM
Celebrate Independence Day through artwork inspired by American artists and famous landmarks. During this patriotic week, we’ll make art projects such as Rothko-inspired pastels, paintings in the style of Native Alaskan art, and ceramic slices of all-American apple pie.

NEW! Everything Clay and Essential Drawing & Painting Techniques (ages 10-12) WAITLIST ONLY
June 27–July 1, 10 AM–3 PM
NEW! Everything Clay: This camp is perfect for the tween looking to explore various types of clay. During the week tweens will get to use the pottery wheel to throw and embellish a functional ceramic piece that will be glazed and fired in the kiln. Tweens will also learn the techniques for working with paper clay, from building an armature to give the clay structure to ways to decorate their creations using paint, decoupage, or other materials. Finally, tweens will explore polymer clay by making everyday objects in miniature.
Essential Drawing & Painting Techniques: This camp is perfect for the tween looking to develop the foundational skills of drawing and painting.  Tweens will use their observational skills and gain familiarity with diverse media (such as graphite, charcoal, and acrylics) through drawing exercises that may include gesture drawings, blind contours, and contour drawings. Linear perspective, color theory, and building form with light and shadow will also be covered as tweens render their artistic creations.

NEW! Sculpture Techniques and Character Design (ages 13+)
June 27–July 1, 10 AM–3 PM
Sculpture Techniques: Create art in the round! Teens will learn to use sculpting tools and techniques to create 3D sculptures. Teens will go beyond hand-building—they will learn more advanced techniques to refine and build their sculptures. Students will work with a variety of sculpture materials and complete a 3D sculpture during this camp.
NEW! Character Design: During this week of camp, teens will learn to design their own character(s) for comic books, graphic novels, or cartoons. They will focus on personality and expression plus learn anatomy and posing using the human body as reference. Teens will also have a chance to explore costume design for their character. All this will come together in a project that features the character(s) they created.


June 27
July 1