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Kids (ages 5–9)

Comics, Cartoons & Characters
August 23–27, 10 AM–3 PM
Explore the world of cartoons, comics, and popular characters in this favorite week of camp! Create super art projects like a baby-Yoda drawing, a Harry Potter Patronus painting, and superhero and alter-ego illustrations.


Tweens (ages 10–12)

Sculpture Techniques and Comic Book Design WAITLIST ONLY
August 23–27, 10 AM–3 PM
Sculpture Techniques: Create art in the round! Tweens will learn to use sculpting tools and techniques to create 3D sculptures. Tweens will go beyond just the hand-building process—they will learn more advanced techniques to refine and build their sculptures. Students will work with a variety of sculpture materials and complete a 3D sculpture during this camp.
Comic Book Illustration: Tweens will imagine and bring to life their own comic book characters! Campers will learn different illustration techniques and styles to help them create an expressive and unique cast of characters and once designed, they will create a comic strip featuring their newly imagined cast.


Teens (ages 13+)

Fashion Design Illustration and Essential Drawing and Painting
August 23–27, 10 AM–3 PM
Fashion Design Illustration: Learn how to bring your fashion dreams to life through illustration! Learn the basics of fashion illustration such as drawing proportion figures, garment illustration techniques, and fabric rendering. Students will learn how to create a collection of fashion illustrations employing drawing skills learned during the class and from their own creative design ideas.
Essential Drawing and Painting Techniques: This camp is perfect for the tween looking to develop the foundational skills of drawing and painting. Tweens will use their observational skills and gain familiarity with diverse media (such as graphite, charcoal, and acrylics) through drawing exercises that may include gesture drawings, blind contours, and contour drawings. Linear perspective, color theory, and building form with light and shadow will also be covered as tweens render their artistic creations.


August 23, 2021
August 28, 2021