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Kid Art Camp

New! Art In Action: Sports & Games >

August 17–21, 10 AM–3 PM

On your mark, get set, create! This NEW week of camp will feature art projects inspired by favorite sports and games. Campers will use a variety of art media and techniques to create projects such as pastel soccer balls, painted checker boards, and illustrated self-portrait baseball cards.


Tween Art Camp

Graffiti and Functional Ceramics (3 day) & Comic Book Illustration (2 day) >

August 17–21, 10 AM–3 PM

NEW! Graffiti: Make art with your mark! Tweens will create their own tag using soft and sharp shapes, wild style, or Gothic font. Learn how to create 3D letters using perspective and make connected letters that flow. Tweens will draw a background setting and arrange graffiti into an aesthetically pleasing composition. Finally, tweens will build their own 3D graffiti wall and tag it! Fine art concepts such as composition, perspective, color theory, and sculpting methods will all be taught alongside graffiti techniques.
Functional Ceramics (3 day): Our most popular week of camp! Tweens will learn the fundamentals of hand-building, wheel throwing, and applying glazes while creating functional ceramic items, such as cups, mugs, bowls, and plates.
Comic Book Illustration (2 day): Tweens will imagine and bring to life their own comic book characters! Campers will learn different illustration techniques and styles to help them create an expressive and unique cast of characters. Once students have designed and developed their characters, they will create a comic strip featuring their newly imagined cast.


Teen Art Camp

Textile and Surface Design and Art Journaling >

August 17–21, 10 AM–3 PM

Textile and Surface Design: Discover the basics of textile and fabric design. Teens will use a variety of mediums and explore different mark-making techniques in this camp to create unique textile patterns. Teens will gather inspiration, sketch patterns, and execute designs to create fabric swatches of their patterns, as well as a tote bag created from their fabric pattern of choice.
Art Journaling: Art journaling is a wonderful habit for everyone, not just artists! Keeping a journal that contains one’s inspirations, frustrations, dreams, and fears is a way to creatively process everyday life. Teens will make their own journal with simple bookbinding techniques and will fill its pages both inside and outside of camp. We’ll also encourage teens to share their journaling journey during camp.


August 17, 2020
August 21, 2020