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Kid Art Camp

Art Around The World >

August 10–14, 10 AM–3 PM

Pack your bags! Kids will “travel” the world and learn how different cultures create art. Sculpt clay penguins from Antarctica, discover the architecture of India through a Taj Mahal painting, and create vibrant African safari sunsets. Your camper will become fluent in the universal language of art!


Tween Art Camp

Expressive Ceramics (3 day) & Fine Art Mixed Media Collage (2 day) and Art Journaling >

August 10–14, 10 AM–3 PM

Expressive Ceramics (3 day): Tweens will learn the fundamentals of hand-building, wheel throwing, and applying glazes while creating expressive works of art in clay.
Fine Art Mixed Media Collage (2 day): Explore the possibilities of collage! Utilizing a variety of materials, tweens will investigate different approaches and techniques to the art of collage. Materials may include textiles, magazines, scrapbook paper, and construction paper, as well as tween’s own photographs or hand-painted paper. The possibilities are endless!
Art Journaling: Art journaling is a wonderful habit for everyone, not just artists! Keeping a journal that contains one’s inspirations, frustrations, dreams, and fears is a way to creatively process everyday life. Tweens will make their own journal with simple bookbinding techniques and will fill its pages both inside and outside of camp. We’ll also encourage tweens to share their journaling journey during camp.


Teen Art Camp

Silk Screen Printing and Drawing Portraits >

August 10–14, 10 AM–3 PM

NEW! Silk Screen Printing: Create amazing screen prints! Teens will learn all the basic screen printing techniques, from image-making, screen and material preparation, to the use of silkscreen printing as a creative outlet, including mono-printing and edition printing. Teens will develop prints while exploring the ins-and-outs of the rich world of silkscreen printing.
Drawing Portraits: Take your observational drawing skills to the next level! Teens will draw directly from a life-portrait model, focusing on the features of the human face. This camp will explore light and shading, allowing teens to gain a better understanding of the facial structure through demonstration and drawing exercises.


August 10
August 14