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Kid Art Camp

Mini Masters >

July 20–24, 10 AM–3 PM

Kids become mini masters while experimenting with art media used by famous artists. Create a Monet-inspired watercolor painting, a clay sculpture based on the work of Salvador Dali, and a drawing in the style of Joan Miro, among other projects celebrating art history.


Tween Art Camp

Illustration and Character Design and Sculpture Techniques

July 20–24, 10 AM–3 PM

Illustration and Character Design: Create your own characters for comics and story books! Tweens will explore gesture drawing, perspective, foreshortening, and figurative anatomy in order to draw amazing comics. Instruction will also cover illustrating facial expressions for characters, as well as developing facial features and structure.
Sculpture Techniques: Create art in the round! Tweens will learn to use sculpting tools and techniques to create 3D sculptures. Tweens will go beyond just the hand-building process—they will learn more advanced techniques to refine and build their sculptures with carving tools. Students will work with a variety of sculpture materials and complete a 3D sculpture during
this camp.


Teen Art Camp

Graffiti and Jewelry Design >

July 20–24, 10 AM–3 PM

NEW! Graffiti: Make art with your mark! Teens will create their own tag using soft and sharp shapes, wild style, or Gothic font. Learn how to create 3D letters using perspective and make connected letters that flow. Teens will draw a background setting and arrange graffiti into an aesthetically pleasing composition. Finally, teens will build their own 3D- graffiti wall and tag it! Fine art concepts such as composition, perspective, color theory, and sculpting methods will all be taught alongside graffiti techniques.
Jewelry Design: Make your own jewelry! Teens will experiment with jewelry-making techniques to create rings, pendants, and bracelets of their own original designs. After starting with a sketch, the instructor will help campers use a variety of materials to create their vision. Projects may include, but are not limited to, wrapped wire pendants and rings, polymer clay canes, and recycled paper beads.


July 20, 2020
July 24, 2020