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Kid Art Camp

Color Explosion >

July 13–17, 10 AM–3 PM

Explore color! This camp introduces kids to the fun pop-art movement and other ways in which bright and bold colors can be used in artwork. Kids will create projects that play with the use of colors, such as landscape paintings using basics of color theory and complementary color illustrations.


Tween Art Camp

Drawing Portraits and Watercolor Exploration

July 13–17, 10 AM–3 PM

Drawing Portraits: Take your observational drawing skills to the next level! Tweens will draw directly from a life portrait model, focusing on the features of the human face. This camp will explore light and shading, allowing tweens to gain a better understanding of the facial structure through demonstration and drawing exercises.
NEW! Watercolor Exploration: Watercolor is a classic painting medium that builds upon drawing skills while also incorporating principles of color theory. The foundations of watercolor painting and color mixing will be explored as tweens are introduced to a variety of techniques, including basic washes, layering of paints, and how to create strong compositions with the interplay of dark and light values.


Teen Art Camp

Printmaking Techniques and Experimental Fashion >

July 13–17, 10 AM–3 PM

Printmaking Techniques: In this unique camp, teens will create their own limited-edition prints on our professional presses! Teens will learn various techniques, styles, and tools of the printmaking trade through demonstrations and hands-on practice. This camp will cover techniques including plexi-glass etching and mono-printing, as teens create original prints that are either one-of-a-kind or editionable!
Experimental Fashion: Create fashion! Teens will explore traditional and non-traditional fashion design, including sketching concepts and bringing them to fruition, making anything from everyday clothing items, to cosplay! Multiple sewing and fabricating techniques will be covered while teens create their own wearable art. Pre-made clothing templates will be available, but students will also have the opportunity to design their own patterns with the instructor’s guidance.




July 13
July 17