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Kid Art Camp

Animals & Wildlife Art >

July 6–10, 10 AM–3 PM

This week of camp is like taking a trip to the zoo, but way more creative! Explore the exciting world of animals and their amazing habitats. Kids will create projects such as koala bears in pastel, colorful elephant drawings, and clay fish sculptures.


Tween Art Camp

Fiber Sculptures and Intro to Webcomics >

July 6–10, 10 AM–3 PM

Fiber Sculptures: Incorporate pattern and texture into sculpture through the use of fiber! Tweens will learn to bring their ideas and sketches to life, creating anything from plushies to abstract sculptures! While basic sewing may be involved, tweens will also explore other techniques to build their fiber sculptures. Pre-made patterns will be available, but with the guidance of their instructor, tweens can also create their own templates for original designs.
Intro to Webcomics: Explore the world of webcomics! Tweens will learn various techniques for comics, as well as discuss strategies for starting and maintaining a successful project on the web. Campers will focus on improving their artistic skills, and will touch on ways in which they can safely and effectively use the web to their advantage. They will also discuss the best ways to manage consistent updates of their work online.


Teen Art Camp

Expressive Ceramics (3 day) & Comic Book Illustration (2 day) and Assemblage >

July 6–10, 10 AM–3 PM

Expressive Ceramics (3 day): Campers will start with the fundamentals of hand-building, wheel throwing, and applying glazes, as teens create expressive works of art in clay.
Comic Book Illustration (2 day): Teens will imagine and bring to life their own comic book characters! Teens will learn different illustration techniques and styles to help them create an expressive and unique cast of characters. Once students have designed and developed their characters, they will create a comic strip featuring their newly imagined cast.
Assemblage: Teens will transform everyday items into expressive, personal sculptures! Imagine all the artistic possibilities in combining materials such as paper, plastic, clay, and wire with found objects. Through demonstrations and hands-on practice, teens will learn various techniques to manipulate the materials and create one-of-a-kind sculptures.


July 6
July 10