Charlann Meluso: Easel Abstracts: From Nothing Comes Something

The Gallery at The Summit Free Public Library
November 1 – December 30, 2021
Charlann Meluso, New Athlete

Charlann Meluso, New Athlete, 2021, digital photograph on canvas, 24 x 18 inches.

Artist Statement:

The abstract subject matter of the photographic images in this series stems from unintentional non-deliberate overspill of drips of paint, ink blobs, watercolor washes, smudges and scrapes that adorned the edges of wooden and Masonite easel boards, to which artists fasten their paper or canvas, and became home to a vibrant, interesting, chaotic mixture of color, line, texture and pattern.  As each easel board was utilized day after day, week after week, month after month it had the privilege of accumulating a buildup of the fundamental necessary elements to become engaging abstract subject matter.

As a result, with such appeal, each board begged to be photographed and made into a work of art in its own right, hence “From Nothing Comes Something”.

Please note:  All of the images in this series were originated from multiple easel boards photographed at The Visual Arts Center of New Jersey over an extended period of time.

Artist Bio

Charlann’s career began with the study of Fine Art and Art Education at JCSC in 1970.  Upon completion of her Master’s Degree at Kean University, she began teaching Art in the Bayonne School District while creating and producing her own individual artwork.   Her early works were based in Commercial Art and Design.

For the last two and a half decades, Charlann has focused on Photo Art and Digital Photography.  During this time she exhibited her work in numerous juried shows and participated in local, national and international competitions enjoying much success. To date, Charlann has received 70+ awards for her efforts.

In June of 2014, Charlann retired from teaching after 40 years of service to pursue her Photo Art and Photography full time and continue exhibiting her work.   On average, she participates in approximately 30 photography and art exhibits annually.  She has also juried and curated a number of art/photography exhibits over the past several years.