Ripple Effect


Ripple Effect Main Gallery Mitzi and Warren Eisenberg Gallery Stair-gazing Gallery September 16, 2022–January 8, 2023 Ripple Effect featured the artwork of thirty-seven Visual Arts Center of New Jersey teaching artists who actively transform and enrich lives through the shared experience of art. The

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Jess T. Dugan: Seen


Jess T. Dugan: Seen Mitzi and Warren Eisenberg Gallery February 4–May 22, 2022 Photo by Etienne Frossard Jess T. Dugan’s color portraits explore issues of identity—particularly gender and sexuality. Drawing from their experience as a queer, nonbinary person, Dugan uses photography

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Parvathi Kumar: Everyday Blackness


Parvathi Kumar: Everyday Blackness Marité and Joe Robinson Strolling Gallery I February 4–May 22, 2022 Parvathi Kumar, Portrait of Whitney Smith, 2020 Beginning in June 2020, Parvathi Kumar interviewed and photographed twenty-five Black women in the New Jersey area to

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Claiming the Narrative


Claiming the Narrative Main Gallery February 4–May 22, 2022 Photo by Etienne Frossard When we consider the history of portraiture and figurative painting, who do we find most often represented on the walls of museums? Whose stories are told and to

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