Cabin Fever Artist Talk

David Rios Ferreira

During the closure of the Visual Arts Center of New Jersey due to the ongoing health crisis, we’re working on ways to bring art to you at home, virtually. This is one such effort, which we’re playfully calling Cabin Fever Artist Talks. For these, we’ve asked artists to tell us a little about themselves and their work. In some cases, they’ll be answering questions provided by the Art Center. In others, they’ll be showing us around their studio or highlighting works in progress.

For this installment, we hear from David Rios Ferreira, a Jersey City- and Newark-based artist. Ferreira merges historical etchings, 1930s political cartoons, and children’s coloring books to produce eerily alluring abstract drawings and sculptures. Clusters of lines and layers of color dominate space creating dense hybrid forms. Familiar characters like Astro Boy, Pinocchio, and Peter Pan are deconstructed and reconstituted to become temporal beings and repositories for personal and political histories.

For more information on the artist and his work, visit his website at