Michael Wolf

As the Covid-19 health crisis continues, the Visual Arts Center of New Jersey is working on ways to bring art to you at home, virtually. This is another installment of our ongoing series we call Cabin Fever Artist Talks. For these, we’ve asked artists to tell us a little about themselves and their work. In some cases, they’ll be answering questions provided by the Art Center. In others, they’ll be showing us around their studio or highlighting works in progress.

For this edition, we hear from Art Center instructor Michael Wolf. Michael is a New York City area artist whose artwork encompasses sculpture, installation, and drawing. Architectural spaces and forms inspire Wolf’s artwork. Using these forms as a metaphor for the human experience, his work explores the dichotomies of protection vs. vulnerability. Material integrity is an essential aspect of Wolf’s artwork. He chooses the materials for each work carefully so that they speak to the essence of the piece. The artist uses wood, stone, metal, and gold leaf while incorporating technologies such as 3D printing to create contemporary art with an ongoing dialogue with history.

Wolf recently completed a residency at Mana Contemporary sponsored by the Eileen S. Kaminsky Family Foundation, where his focus was on drawing and works on paper. He received individual fellowship grants from the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation and the NJ State Council of the Arts and received the Power of Art Award, personally presented to him by Robert Rauschenberg. Wolf’s architectural installation, Sanctuary, was the inspiration for an exhibition of the same name at the Orlando Museum of Art. The Morris Museum invited Wolf to create an outdoor installation for the Museum’s 90th anniversary.

His exhibitions with Monica King Contemporary include Spring to Action, Wish You Were Here, participating in a designer showcase in the penthouse at 100 Franklin, and exhibiting online in the Intersect Chicago/SOFA Fair. Wolf’s exhibitions include a solo show at the Sculptors Guild Gallery; I’m Your Venus at the Bee in the Lion gallery; Inversions, a tribute to the architecture of Louis Kahn; and American Twist at Antenna Gallery in New Orleans. Other exhibition highlights include Guggenheim Museum curator Katherine Brinson selecting Wolf’s work for an exhibition in Chelsea and internationally acclaimed sculptor Willie Cole choosing Wolf’s work for an exhibition at the George Segal Gallery. In 2021 Wolf will be creating an installation at the Center for Contemporary Art.

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