Emi Winter

For this installment of Cabin Fever Artist Talks, Emi Winter discusses her recent paintings with friend and colleague Ezra Tessler whom she met in the MFA program at Bard College. Emi and Ezra maintain an ongoing conversation about painting and in this video, Emi explains her different approaches to the medium and the role of seriality, ambiguity, and specificity in her work.

Emi Winter was born and grew up in Oaxaca, Mexico. Her work includes painting, printmaking, and textiles which she makes in collaboration with printers and weavers in Mexico and the United States. She was an artist in residence at the Chinati Foundation in 2001 and was awarded the acquisition prize for the XV edition of the Rufino Tamayo painting biennial in Mexico in 2011. Her work is in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art, Mexico; Museo Nacional de la Estampa, Mexico; McNay Art Museum, San Antonio; and the Grunwald Center for Graphic Arts at the Hammer Museum, Los Angeles. She currently lives in New Jersey and teaches bilingual art classes for the Visual Arts Center of New Jersey.

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