Betsy Meyer-Donadio: Collage Stories

Ann’s Place Gallery
November 13–December 23
Solace by Betsy Meyer

Betsy Meyer, Solace 3 (detail), 2021, Mixed media on canvas, 13 x 13 inches

Artist’s Statement:

“The body of work presented in this show consists of pieces I have created over the buy cheap generic levitra online past few years. The technique of collage has always been an integral part of my creative process, as has painting and drawing, thus the mixed media approach you see here is the way I express myself best as an artist. Something about the coalescing, the layering, the integrating, the edges, the seams, the confluence of materials and textures, colors, and nuance satisfies my need to make things, and also speaks metaphorically, to the world in which we live.

The materials in the work consist of acrylic paint, inks, graphite, marble dust, how much levitra tablet for sex text, parts from old books and newspapers, vintage and painted papers, and sometimes fabric pieces and bits of thread, on canvas. I collect and sell vintage books, so the process of recycling old books which are in disrepair comes naturally to me, and has become a primary medium over the years. (It also helps to keep them out of the landfills!)

The intuitive and physical work of painting, layering, cutting, tearing, gluing, composing, adding, and subtracting goes into each piece. I am aiming for a balance of spontaneity and structure, cialis buy overnight much like what I strive for in my everyday life. Creating “a story” within each piece is the fortunate byproduct of being an artist and reveling in materials and processes. I hope you enjoy looking, and “reading” the work.”

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