Anita Gladstone: Stepping Stones (and Other Rocky Places)

The Gallery at The Summit Free Public Library
February 1–March 31
Standing Stone by Anita Gladstone

Anita Gladstone, Standing Stone, 2018, Pastel, 18 x 12 inches.

Artist’s Statement:

Rocks and rocky scenes are a recurring subject for artist Anita Gladstone. Stepping Stones (and Other Rocky Places) is centered around a series of paintings based on hikes taken in rocky terrain. Seven paintings from this series are included in Stepping Stones, as well as a selection of paintings focused on rocks and their environs, exploring the abstract qualities Gladstone finds in these subjects.

Artist’s Bio
Gladstone is a native of greater Cleveland, Ohio and a graduate of the University of Cincinnati. After graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, she pursued an interest in pottery. In 1984, she relocated to New Jersey with her husband and two sons, where she continued to make pottery and participated in regional craft fairs. After nearly twenty years working with clay, an office job interrupted her artistic pursuits. They resumed in 2006 when she took a class in soft pastels, a medium she has been exploring ever since. Anita now resides in Springfield, New Jersey.