Grievance Policy

Under section 504 of the 1973 Rehabilitation Act, all public facilities and programs must be accessible to all members of the public. If you experience difficulty with either programming or physical barriers at Visual Arts Center of New Jersey, please call or write us at: Executive Director, Visual Arts Center of New Jersey, 68 Elm Street, Summit, NJ 07901, phone 908.273.9121, fax 908.273.1457 , email:

If you do not receive satisfaction and wish to file a formal grievance, please submit that grievance in writing to the above address.

Once a grievance is received the VACNJ DEI Committee will undertake the following actions:

  1. Contact the aggrieved person and notify them that the grievance has been received and they will receive a response within 10 days.
  2. Review the grievance.
  3. Notify in writing the staff responsible for addressing the grievance.
  4. Discuss the grievance with that staff member.
  5. Ensure that the aggrieved person is notified within 10 days regarding the actions which will be taken to address the grievance and a timeline.
  6. Review all grievances, the responses to them, and present the results to VACNJ’s Board.