A child artist showing her work.

The Visual Arts Center of New Jersey marked a significant milestone celebrating our 90th year. This Fiscal Year 2023 (July 1, 2022–June 30, 2023) also brought with it many noteworthy achievements, among them the reaccreditation of the Art Center by the prestigious American Alliance of Museums (AAM). We take immense pride in being one of only ten AAM-accredited museums in the state of New Jersey, a testament to our commitment to the highest standards of museum excellence.

Additionally, Fiscal Year 2023 saw the appointment of Kristen Evangelista as our new Director of Exhibitions. In her first year in this vital role, her dedication and vision have already made a significant impact on the Art Center’s artistic offerings and overall direction. In the Fall of 2022, our exhibition, Ripple Effect, shone a spotlight on the creative endeavors of thirty-seven Visual Arts Center of New Jersey teaching artists. The exhibition’s title encapsulates the profound and far-reaching impact of our dedicated faculty who impart their expert skills to students through our Studio School and community programs.

As we entered the Spring of 2023, the Art Center offered a trio of captivating exhibits that made up our Olas Caribeñas/Caribbean Waves project, an interdisciplinary initiative that explored the visual art and folk life traditions of the Caribbean diaspora in NJ. In the Main Gallery, we presented Jairo Alfonso: Objectscapes, a comprehensive survey of the work of Jairo Alfonso, a Cuban born artist who has called New Jersey his home since 2014. Alfonso’s art delves into material culture, uncovering its capacity to hold both personal and collective significance. His work sheds light on fundamental questions of identity, origin, and belonging.

Meanwhile, in the Mitzi and Warren Eisenberg Gallery, we proudly hosted Los Herederos, a media arts non-profit organization, and their remarkable creation, The Sonicycle: Layers of Community. This mobile, audio-visual unit engages communities in sharing stories, music, and cultural traditions. A short audio documentary reel was curated, featuring oral histories, local soundscapes, and musical performances collected by folklorist Naomi Sturm-Wijesinghe and Los Herederos, showcasing the diverse voices of New Jersey community members.

Finally, our Stair-gazing Gallery served as a platform for Jack & Jill by Kevin Darmanie. Hailing from Trinidad & Tobago, Darmanie skillfully utilizes photographs of himself and his friend as the foundation for his paintings, resulting in a powerful and introspective portrait.

Our dedication to the intersection of art and healing continued to expand in FY23. The Art Center was thrilled to announce a generous $1 million gift from the Nicholson Foundation, a commitment that will significantly bolster our Arts and Healing programs designed to support vulnerable populations. This remarkable gift will enable us to offer a decade of arts programming to some of the most historically underserved and marginalized individuals in our society. Specifically, the funds will be allocated to benefit formerly-houseless veterans, incarcerated and formerly-incarcerated individuals, and families facing food insecurity.

FY23 also saw the initiation of an Arts and Healing program in collaboration with Overlook Hospital. This partnership provides meaningful opportunities for exhibitions and artistic expression with the hospital’s care teams, fostering a healing environment for patients and staff alike. Through all of the Art Center’s Arts and Healing initiatives, we aim to harness the transformative power of art to promote healing, personal growth, and resilience.

In addition to these initiatives, we were delighted to continue our longstanding commitment to K-12 schools throughout New Jersey. Our ongoing partnership with Elizabeth Public Schools is just one example of how we strive to enrich the lives of young learners by bringing the arts directly into their educational experiences. Our CALTA21 program, made possible by the Institute of Museum and Library Services and PricewaterhouseCoopers Charitable Foundation, works with 9th- and 10th-grade social studies students in bilingual classrooms in Elizabeth Public Schools.

On April 29, the Art Center hosted a magnificent event, “Shine On,” the VACNJ’s 90th Anniversary Gala, which proved to be a resounding success. This gala served as a significant fundraiser, generating a total of $373,500 in support of the Art Center’s diverse and enriching programming. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our esteemed Premier Event Sponsors, Chubb and Risk Strategies, whose generous contributions made this event possible.

As a highlight of the evening, the Art Center had the privilege of recognizing The Wilf Family Foundations as our 2023 Gala Honoree, who has made remarkable contributions to our community and the world of art. In a heartfelt tribute, we acknowledged their unwavering dedication to the arts and their invaluable support to our organization. Additionally, we celebrated our 6th Annual Changemaker, Layqa Nuna Yawar, whose transformative work continues to
inspire, both within the realm of art and beyond. Layqa Nuna Yawar’s commitment to social impact through art exemplifies the Art Center’s mission to harness creativity as a force for positive change.

At this year’s annual meeting, we are delighted to introduce two distinguished additions to our esteemed Board of Trustees: Philemona Williamson and Anamaria LLanos. They will join a robust board whose steadfast commitment, coupled with the unwavering dedication of our staff and artists, has been pivotal in ensuring yet another year filled with remarkable achievements.

The Visual Arts Center of New Jersey remains steadfast in its dedication to providing a diverse and enriching array of artistic experiences to our community. The accomplishments and partnerships forged over the past year stand as a testament to our unwavering commitment to our vision: To create an inclusive and welcoming community where lives are transformed and enriched through the shared experience of art. We extend our deepest gratitude to the donors, collaborators, and friends whose trust and support make these vital programs possible.


Anne Grissinger, Chair
Diego Rotsztain, Vice Chair
Suzanne Henry, Vice Chair
David O’Neill, Treasurer
Amy Harris, Secretary

Greg Adams
Kate Buchanan
Susan Cagnassola
Lisa Gingeleskie
Tharanga Goonetilleke
David Hardin
Lorraine Kelly
Vani Krishnamurthy
Anamaria LLanos
André Renaudo
Deborah Schwarzmann
Jess Van Nostrand
Rachel Wilf
Philemona Williamson


Mr. & Mrs. William B. Nicholson
The Wilf Family Foundations


Sally Abbott
Virginia Fabbri Butera, Ph.D.
Lisa A. Butler
Marie J. Cohen
Millie Cooper
Estelle Fournier
Elizabeth C. Gump
Joseph R. Robinson
Roland Weiser



To create an inclusive and welcoming community where lives are transformed and enriched through the shared experience of art.


The Visual Arts Center of New Jersey nurtures the capacity for personal expression, expands the creative experience, and fosters stronger communities by empowering people to see, make, and learn about art. Through exhibition, Studio School, and community programs, the Art Center engenders connection, curiosity, and creative risk-taking among its constituents.


In our work, we embrace the following values:

CONNECTION: We foster connection among our community members through a respectful and safe environment.

INCLUSIVE COMMUNITY: We welcome and value diverse backgrounds and viewpoints, and nurture an environment that is open and supportive.

EXCELLENCE: We are committed to providing outstanding services and programs. We direct our collective efforts to continually improve and innovate.

CURIOSITY & CREATIVE RISK-TAKING: We value receptivity, open dialogue, and innovative thinking, so as to encourage curiosity and creative risk-taking.

HOLISTIC APPROACH: We value a holistic approach to art in the individual and community life, so that art is found in every facet of life.

ADVOCACY: We value standing up and speaking out for the arts, in order to promote our vision and values.

FY 23 Finances Chart


The Visual Arts Center of New Jersey’s Studio School—one of the largest non-university arts programs in the state—proudly offers an extensive curriculum that includes hundreds of classes, workshops, and camps focusing on a variety of media. Its renowned faculty of professional teaching artists serves thousands of students of all ages and skill levels each year.

Graphic with Studio School demographics for 2023

Fiscal Year 2023 was a very successful year for the Studio School, with a return to pre-COVID registration numbers. We served a total of 4,631 students through 504 classes, workshops, and camps. For the first time, we surveyed the children in our 2022 Summer Art Camp about the art projects so that future camp projects can incorporate their preferences. We also piloted capturing and sharing photos of the camp day with parents, so they can see what happens in the camp classroom. In Fall 2022, we again held our annual Raku Festival for 76 participants, which was a higher attendance than in recent years.

Classes held at the Art Center positively impacted the social and emotional well-being of our students. Although we served over 4,500 students this year, our goal is to reach each individual student. Here are two examples:

The first is the story of an adult student who had recently suffered a traumatic brain injury, and as a result, was unable to continue with many of her previous activities. She contacted the Art Center and we coordinated a one-on-one private art class tailored to her special situation. The class arranged was a needle felting sculpture class, and the art instructor created lessons that helped her improve her hand/eye coordination as well as her dexterity by handling the sharp needles used in this art form. The student was so surprised with what she was able to create from this class.

Studio School quote

The second is the story of a teen student who has a physical impairment affecting the use of their left arm. They enrolled in a ceramics wheel throwing class, a medium that traditionally uses both hands. When the instructor learned of the student’s special circumstance, the instructor took time in our studio to practice throwing single-handed, using only his right arm, in order to prepare for class. He was then able to teach the student how to successfully complete a project on the wheel using only one hand. This teacher’s dedication to their student was a great example of the commitment of the Art Center’s faculty members to helping our students.


Doug Baron
Kristian Battell
Carolyn Bednar
Lisette Bedoya
Kat Block
Chase Cantwell
Mary Jean Canziani
Beatrice (Jao-O) Chang
Amanda Ciurciu
Donna Conklin King
Paula Cotov
Alicia Cotter
Mark de Mos
Pooja Dhawan
Josh Dillon
David DiMarchi
Chloe Dougherty
Melissa Efrus
Andrea Epstein
Jessica Garber
Andrea Gianchiglia
Allison Gildea
Anita Gladstone
Kelly Green Grady
Marielena Guthrie
Ellen Hess
Gerry Heydt
Judy Hugentobler
Jill Hurant
Destiny Jure
Melissa Krishnamurthy
Diana Hsu Kung
Matthew Langley
Valeri Larko
Maryna Layedra
Vanessa Lopez
Duane Lutsko
Stephanie Maddalena
Drew Maillard
Allison Manalili
Martha McDonald
Jeannette Mullarkey
Brian Ng
Dawn Noonan
Donald Polzo
Shari Quinones
Donna Read
Shelley Rosen Howard
Sandy Ruda
Sue Sachs
Mark Saenger
Heidi SanFilippo
John Scalera
Eva Sienkiewicz
Stella Sormani
Russ Spitkovsky
Peter Syak
Emma Tabachnick
Joel Tidey
Katie Truk
Michelle Truskowski
Janine Weiss
Carole Wong Chesek
Stephen Yavorski
Traci Zaretzka


The Visual Arts Center of New Jersey’s Education and Arts + Healing Programs serve the diverse communities of Union, Hudson, Essex, Sussex, and Somerset counties. The one thread that runs throughout VACNJ’s community programming is the concept that art is not a thing to study and master, but a way. These programs center on the value of community-held authorship and integrate diverse backgrounds of class, gender, ethnicity, and life circumstance to focus on health and vibrancy.

The Art Center’s Education and Arts + Healing Programs have a wide-reaching impact that speaks to the heart of our vision—creating an inclusive and welcoming community where lives are transformed and enriched through the shared experience of art. The diversity of programming offered allows VACNJ to touch various populations in need across the state. We work with public school students who lack the resources for formal arts education through our programs with Jefferson Arts Academy, the PEP Program, and Elizabeth Public Schools. Our partnership with SEEDS: Access Changes Everything allows us to serve high-achieving, low-income students in Newark with lessons in studio art with a taste of art history.

Our collaboration with Cultures and Literacies through Art for the 21st Century (CALTA21) focuses on connecting immigrant English language learners and museums together to provide authentic, meaningful, and engaging experiences that foster learning, enjoyment, and civic engagement while supporting the development of participants’ voices in expressing art. Our partnership with Empowering Kids Organization (EKO) connects underprivileged children and their families with unique arts experiences, ultimately providing scholarships for our Studio School classes for kids interested in continuing to explore the arts.  Additionally, we have expanded our focus on arts and healing initiatives to those in need of specialized programming—such as our programs working with the Early Childhood Learning Center (ECLC) Pride Program, New Jersey Veterans, and SAGE Eldercare.

Community Programs Nicholson Blurb


30 Tours (adults & children), Year-round, 833 participants
2 Teachers’ Symposia, March 31–April 1, 2023, 60 participants
Vivid Stage Summer Solos series, July 6–July 27, 2022, 100 attendees


ARC Internships, Year-round, 120 participants
Battle Hill School Program, April 28, 2023, 16 participants
CALTA21, April 25–May 9, 2023, 150 participants
Cornerstone School Program, May 16, 2023, 24 participants
Elizabeth 8th Grade Program, February 24–May 12, 2023, 400 participants
Empowering Kids Organization, October–June 2023, 84 participants
Jefferson Arts Academy Program, October–November 2022; February 3–March 10, 2023;
April 28–June 2, 2023, 160 participants
Kent Place School Program, April 14, 2023, 17 participants
PEP After School Enrichment Program, October 24 & 26, 2022; April 17 & 19, 2023, 44 participants
SEEDS: Access Changes Everything, July 8–29, 2022; January–April, 2023, 150 participants


CALTA21 Professional Development, January 23 & March 13, 2023, 60 participants
Elizabeth Pubic Schools Professional Development, June 5 & 7, 2023, 52 participants
Summit Art Educators Professional Development, February 11, 2023, 11 participants


Art Therapy for Teens, March 13–May 22, 2023, 60 participants
ECLC Program, January 28–May 12, 2023, 750 participants
Governor Livingston Wellness Fair, October 25, 2022, 120 attendees
Overlook Hospital Programs, Year-round, 300 participants
SAGE Eldercare, Year-round, 735 participants
Veterans Haven South, January–June 2023, 390 participants


Ripple Effect Last Look Event, January 8, 2023, 76 attendees
Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service, January 16, 2023, 50 participants
Olas Caribeñas/Caribbean Waves Community Day, February 11, 2023, 135 participants
Artist Talk, March 18, 2023, 15 attendees
Olas Caribeñas/Caribbean Waves Closing Reception, June 4, 2023, 97 attendees


The Visual Arts Center of New Jersey is a leading regional museum of contemporary art. We present artistically and culturally diverse exhibitions that showcase emerging and established artists from the US and abroad. Exhibitions welcomed 3,739 visitors
in FY ’23.

Ripple Effect Installation Photo

September 16, 2022–January 8, 2023
Main Gallery & Warren Eisenberg Gallery
Featured artists: James Adkins, Doug Baron, Kat Block, Melissa Bragg-Krishnamurthy, Chase Cantwell, Mary Jean Canziani, Beatrice Chang, Donna Conklin King, Mark de Mos, Alicia Flynn Cotter, Jessica Garber, Andrea Gianchiglia, Anita Gladstone, Gerry Heydt, Judith Hugentobler, Diana Hsu Kung, Matthew Langley, Valeri Larko, Christopher Lopez, Duane Lutsko, Joanna Madloch, Drew Maillard, Martha McDonald, Jeannette Mullarkey, Mansa Mussa, Howard Nathenson, Dawn Noonan, Janice Patrignani, Dennis RedMoon Darkeem, Shelley Rosen Howard, Sandy Ruda, Heidi SanFilippo, Peter Syak, Joel Tidey, Katie Truk, Emi Winter, and Stephen Yavorski.

90th Anniversary Timeline installation photo

September 16, 2022–January 8, 2023
Marité and Joe Robinson Strolling Gallery I

Installation photos by Jess Talos

January 24–June 4, 2023

Jairo Alfonso exhibition at the Visual Arts Center of NJ

Main Gallery

Sonicycle exhibition at the Visual Arts Center of NJ

Mitzi & Warren Eisenberg Gallery
Featured artists: Andrés Aceves, Marcela Artunduaga, Mauricio Bayona, William Bonilla, Alexander Bustamante, Camilo Correa, Julia Guttierez-Rivera, Alejandro Navarro, and Naomi Sturm-Wijesinghe.

Kevin Darmanie exhibition at the Visual Arts Center of NJ

Stair-gazing Gallery

Installation photos by Etienne Frossard


The Art Center offers a variety of exhibition opportunities for our members and local artists both on and offsite. The Marité & Joe Robinson Strolling Gallery II and Ann’s Place Gallery showcase rotating exhibitions of our member artists selected by The Art Center’s Members Committee, as well as work created through our community engagement programming with local and surrounding areas. We also partner with the Summit Free Public Library to provide additional gallery space and visibility within the town of Summit.

June 25–September 18, 2022
Ann’s Place Gallery

July 1–September 30, 2022
The Gallery at the Summit Free Public Library

October 1–November 27, 2022
Ann’s Place Gallery

October 1–November 27, 2022
Marité and Joe Robinson Strolling Gallery II

October 1–November 30, 2022
The Gallery at the Summit Free Public Library

December 1, 2022–January 30, 2023
The Gallery at the Summit Free Public Library

December 10, 2022–February 5, 2023
Ann’s Place Gallery

December 10, 2022–February 5, 2023
Marité and Joe Robinson Strolling Gallery II

February 1–March 31, 2023
The Gallery at the Summit Free Public Library

February 18–April 16, 2023
Ann’s Place Gallery

February 18–April 16, 2023
Marité and Joe Robinson Strolling Gallery II

April 1–May 31, 2023
The Gallery at the Summit Free Public Library

May 6–June 25, 2023
Ann’s Place Gallery

May 6–June 25, 2023
Marité and Joe Robinson Strolling Gallery II

June 1–July 31, 2023
The Gallery at the Summit Free Public Library

Community Exhibitions Atlantic Health Graphic


The Visual Arts Center of New Jersey prides itself in creating a welcoming atmosphere where all community members can experience the transformative power of art.

To that end, we proudly offer a variety of resources for visitors and students with disabilities to create an equitable environment where all can see, make, and learn about art.

Accommodations include: an ADA-compliant website, including alt-tagged images for visitors with visual disabilities and additional accessibility functions, such as high contrast, adjustable type size, and plain text options;  open captioning for public programs held on Zoom; sign language interpreters (with two weeks notice); braille (with four weeks notice); assistive listening devices available for those who are deaf or hard of hearing; and verbal descriptions as part of our exhibitions (upon request).

The Art Center staff has also undergone Sensory Inclusion training. Additionally, the Art Center has experience creating curriculums and accommodations for students and visitors with visual disabilities, autism, and age-related cognitive disorders, such as dementia.

The Art Center welcomes group and individual visits to our exhibitions and participation in public programming and studio school art classes.


Melanie Cohn
Cassandra Demski
Stephanie D’Souza
Pearl Feder
Sean Scoggin


Children Looking at Artwork in the Main Gallery


The Visual Arts Center of New Jersey welcomed back its Members Art Show and Collectors Week on Friday, June 16.
This pop-up exhibition featured more than 100 works created by VACNJ members and, for the first time ever, our members 17 and younger were eligible to participate! The show was organized by the Art Center’s Members Committee and was
on view through June 25.

Guest judge Elizabeth Wiech selected 15 works by members for recognition and during the opening event, the following awards were presented: Trish Gianakis, Marylou Hilyer Award; Diana Kung, Curtis Hilyer Memorial Award for Watercolor; Barbara Beeman, The Juergen and Katie Thieck Memorial Award for Photography; Carol Cassel Baker, Marian Anderson Memorial Award for Portraiture; Emilie Whitley, Martha Barns Memorial Award for Ceramics; Bruce McClellan, Martha Venturo Award for Landscape; Victoria Munro, Rani Sinha Memorial Award for Ceramics; Aanya Rangavajjula and Louis Whitley, Rani Sinha Memorial Awards for 17 and Under; and Mary Jean Canziani, Glen Guarino, Joanne Leone, Roy Nuzzo, Ida Ochoteco, Aviva Sakolsky, Margarita Somnolet, and Anna Sponheimer, Honorable Mentions.


Sally Abbott
Aliese Andersen Volk
Chandra Aquilina
Michelle Auerbacher
Deric Carner
Tanya Chaturvedi
Melanie Cohn
Lori D’Uva
Andie de Saro
Jillian Decker
Kristen Evangelista
Cristina Fittipaldi
Carol Gaffney
Trish Gianakis
Jill Joseph
Tracey Luckner
Jennifer Markovitz
Carol Masi
Corinne Nallet
Jesús Núñez
Lori Riseman
Lori Rosenberg
Heidi SanFilippo
Molly Springer
Heidi Sussman
Rachel Tramposch
Michael Wolf


ANNUAL SPRING GALASave the Date image for VACNJ's Annual Spring Gala 2023

On Saturday, April 29, the Visual Arts Center of New Jersey (VACNJ) held its largest fundraising event of the year at Canoe Brook Country Club in Summit. Shine On, VACNJ’s 90th Anniversary Gala, raised a record-breaking $373,500 to support the Art Center’s powerful arts programming.

The evening, which was presented by Premier Sponsors Chubb and Risk Strategies, featured live music, cocktails, fantastic food, and a robust contemporary art auction, including a signature live auction of select artwork and unique experiences led by auctioneer CK Swett. During the event, the Art Center also recognized their 2023 Gala Honoree, The Wilf Family Foundations, and the 6th Annual Changemaker, Layqa Nuna Yawar, for their significant contributions to the arts on both a local and national level.

“This year’s gala was a fitting celebration of the impact the Art Center has had on the community and the state for the last 90 years,” said Gala Co-Chair Kate Buchanan. “We are thrilled with the evening’s success and the important work that it will allow the Art Center to continue doing.”

The Art Center’s annual spring gala is critical to enabling its important work of transforming and enriching lives through the shared experience of art. Next year’s gala will be held on Saturday, April 27, 2024.


Kate & John Buchanan, Co-Chairs
Lisa Butler & Bob Kelly, Co-Chairs
Sally Abbott
Susan Cagnassola
Jillian Decker
Terri Friedman
Tharanga Goonetilleke
Anne Grissinger
Suzanne Henry
Annel Montero-Mitchell
Alison O’Neill
Isabel Ribeiro
Rachel Wilf


$50,000 & Above
The Estate of Pamela W. Hauptfleisch
Institute of Museum and Library Services
The Nicholson Foundation
NJ State Council on the Arts
Wilf Family Foundations

$20,000 to $49,999
Lisa Butler & Bob Kelly
Susan & Michael Cagnassola
The Coby Foundation
Anne & RJ Grissinger
New Jersey Council for the Humanities
PricewaterhouseCoopers Charitable Foundation
Marité & Joe Robinson

$10,000 to $19,999
Kate & John Buchanan—RISK Strategies
Miriam Carson
EJ Grassmann Trust
Elizabeth & Frank Gump
J.C. Kellogg Foundation
Eleanor & Timothy Lear
National Endowment for the Arts
NJ Arts and Culture Renewal Fund
Maura & Frank Perrier
André Renaudo
Isabel Ribeiro & Diego Rotsztain
Deborah & Fred Schwarzmann
The Walter V. and Judith L. Shipley Family Foundation
The Summit Foundation
The Union Foundation
Rachel & Jonathan Wilf

$5,000 to $9,999
Atlantic Health System
Rachel & Tom Cortese
Kelly Deere & Lee Shavel
Claire Toth & David Dietze
Helen Clay Frick Foundation
Amy Knight
Vani Krishnamurthy & Alok Sanghvi
Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation
Alison & David O’Neill
Justine O’Malley & Gregory Outwater
Polly Palumbo & Lex Maultsby
Pamela Shipley & Clay Turner
Stacy & Adam Selig
Union County Office of Cultural and Heritage Affairs
Jess Van Nostrand & Mike Smith
Mary & Norbert Weldon

$2,500 to $4,999
Sally & Thomas Abbott
Julie & Gregory Adams
Roseanne & Frank Alessi
Josh Alexander
Anita & Bharani Bobba
Marie & Roy Alan Cohen
Melanie & Stuart Cohn
Siobhan Creem
CWI. Design—Rachel & Gary Kapner
Elks Club of Summit Lodge No 1246
Estelle Fournier & Alberto Lopez-Silvero
Terri & Mark Friedman
Lindabury, McCormick, Estabrook & Cooper, P.C.
Valerie & Michael Grant
Laura & David Hardin
Amy & Clint Harris
Suzanne & Dean Henry
Lorraine & Peter Kelly
Briana King & Christopher Joralemon
Overlook Foundation
Hadley & Clark Peterson
Gail & Steve Pollard
Amy & Mitchell Radin
Jane & Mark Wilf

$1,000 to $2,499
Adams Family Fund
Courtney & Chris Alberta
Rebecca & Daniel Almog
Lesley & Michael Arlein
Christine & Eric Aschwald
Efi Avigdor
Ann & Amos Beason
Joanne & Reid Bundonis
Jennifer & Jake Buurma
Elizabeth Camp & Steve Hantman
Elizabeth Cox
Erin & Marc Creatore
Dan Crisafuly & Greg Vargas
Beth & John Culley
Alison & Lee Edelson
Jennifer & Marc Gonyea
Tharanga Goonetilleke & Aditya Bindal
Kathleen Havens
Jessica & Alexander Haverstick
Pamela Heller
Jody & Jeff Hiller
The Hiller Family Foundation
Investors Foundation
Jennifer Isaacson & Brian Cargo
Samantha & Eric Kanter
Yan Lin
Jennifer & Michael Markovitz
Lucy Marks & Scott Sprinzen
Neil Marks & Doak Sergent
Tara & Devan Marshall
Newark Academy
Alexander Ngo
NJ Photography Forum
Gretchen & Tom Oatman
Laura & John Overdeck
Peapack Private Wealth Management
Kayla & Richard Pechter
Ana Robic & Rob Feuerstake
Sagner Family Foundation
Angela & Jeff Schroeder
Marta & John Shaffer
John Simoudis & Jerry Rose
Andrea Stein & Bablu Naidu
TD Bank
Susan Yarad

$250 to $999
Rolande Borno
Clarfield Citizens Wealth
Rita Cohen
Millie & John Cooper
Alice Dillon
Dorothy Engel
Elise Feldman
Frames for You
Joanne Freeman
Karen & Richard Furst
Barbara Handa
Terri Harrison
Kim Hiesener
Lynn Keffer Family Fund
Thomas Kelsey
Sandra & James McTernan
Nancy Mintz & Kenneth Fisher
Jim Oslislo
Otterstedt Insurance Agency, Inc.
Colette & Joe Parsons
Judith Pechthold
Samantha Pozner & Andrew Hickman
Susan & Douglas Present
Deirdre & Patrick Quinn
Nora & Robert Radest
Philip Ross
Alison Little Saksena
Yukiko Shuya
Michele Smith & David Reinke
Duxiana Summit
Kathryn Tatlow
Martha & Melvin Vigman
Bevin Walsh
Mary Claire White
Michael Woll
Pamela Zave

Corporate Matching Gifts
Dun & Bradstreet
Goldman Sachs Matching Gift Program

In-Kind Donations $5,000+
Josh Alexander
Jairo Alfonso
Cambridge Wines
Howard Nathansen
Benjamin Niles
Partner In Art
Summit House Restaurant + Bar
Emi Winter


2022-2023 STAFF

Denise Banaag, Studio School Manager
Mike Byrnes, Director of Facilities
Ronda Christie, Customer Relations Associate
Melanie Cohn, Executive Director
Alicia Flynn Cotter, Summer Camp Manager
Emily Cross, Customer Relations Associate/Manager
Stephanie D’Souza, Grants Writer
Jillian Decker, Director of Development & Communications
Cassandra Demski, Director of Studio School
Jen Doninger, Customer Relations Manager
Kristen Evangelista, Director of Exhibitions
Heather Ferguson, Accounting Manager
Jeff Huggins, Summer Camp Manager
Eva Iannuzzi, Customer Relations Associate
Emily Koai, Customer Relations Associate
Dorothy Lee, Assistant Director of Development
Stephen Maico, Director of Finance
Annel Montero-Mitchell, Development Associate
Lavern Clark Mullins, Customer Relations Associate
Leon Norris, Custodian
Mara Norris, Custodian
Brian Riley, Assistant Director of Communications
Sean Scoggin, Grants Coordinator
Eva Sienkiewicz, Customer Relations Associate
Allie Spiridigliozzi, Customer Relations Associate
Rachel Tramposch, Exhibitions Coordinator
Chloe Thomas, Customer Relations Associate
Chelsea Valderas, Studio School Coordinator/Manager
Aliese Andersen Volk, Exhibitions Manager
Jean Marie Vreeland, Human Resources & Payroll Manager
Sarah Walko, Director of Education & Community Engagement

2022-2023 VOLUNTEERS

Sylvia Andrews
ARC Student Interns
Bill Austin
Alyssa Baker
Emilia Beemer
AJ Bhalla
Alyssa Brucal
Joyce Brown
Emma Bruno
Will Caffrey
Abigail Carney
Angela Carroll
Kayla Castellano
Avani Chand
Cadey Christal
Avery Cohen
Andi Craciun
Enzo Dagostino
Somya Dave
Brandie Dickens
Amelia Dosanj-Mikkelson
Ella Georgiou
Pal Guptal
Abby Ha
Jenna Hauser
Caroline Henry
Leah Howard
Aditi Khedkar
Kieri Keys
Aanya Kothari
Jamie Lee
Carah Lechner
Emma Levine
Alicia Lui
Rebecca Lui
Abby Mangat
Michelle Mei
Leilia Naman
Riya Nimkar
Sawyer Pappas
Kayla Peng
Julia Pien
Maya Raj
Sanya Reddy
Alexis Rubinstein
Ruhi Salhorta
Manya Sur
Mark Sebastian
Ava Szeles
Jodi Tang
Penny Takizawa-Soper
Daniel Valez
Sofia Wanosky
Sarah Wasserman
Madeline Zaretzka