New Student Nights – Fall 2019

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Have you thought about taking a class at the Art Center? Try our New Student Nights! Sample one of our upcoming mini-session classes and experience the Art Center for yourself! See our studios, meet our instructors, and make art! These nights are only for students who have not taken a class at the Art Center during the last two years.

New Student Nights for Adults

New Student Nights—Photo Restoration
Tuesday, 10/1, 6–8 PM
Instructor: Bill Blanchard
Are you ready to empty those shoe boxes full of damaged family heirloom photographs? Learn how to restore damaged old photos, slides, and film negatives in this free session for new students. Those looking to continue can register for the full mini-session course, Photo Restoration, and continue their education in areas including: archival handling, cleaning, and storing of old photographs, slides and film negatives; how to make high quality scans of photographs, slides, and film negatives; using Photoshop to make repairs; and how to colorize black & white images.

Photo Rest

New Student Nights—Digital Drawing & Painting
Wednesday, 10/2, 6–8 PM
Instructor: Andrea Gianchiglia
Learn the inner workings of drawing and painting digitally with the Procreate app on an iPad. Through demonstration and hands-on practice students will be introduced to such topics as perspective, shading, blending, layers, and more. Students wishing to build on the lessons learned in this free session can register for the full mini-session course, Digital Drawing & Painting with Andrea Gianchiglia, and learn how to use the app to create traditional works of art using a non-traditional medium.

Dig Drawing

New Student Nights—Fabric Art
Thursday, 10/3, 6–8 PM
Instructor: Traci Zaretzka
Want to work with fabric, but don’t want to sew? Fabric can be used for much more than just sewing! New students at this free session will be introduced to methods of creating a fabric collage. Students looking to continue their instruction can register for the full mini-session course, Fabric Art with Traci Zaretzka, and learn about quilts, landscapes, and still lifes, as well as basic art principles such as composition and pattern, and even art history.

Fabric Art

New Student Night for Teens

New Student Night—The Art of Graffiti (ages 12-16)
Tuesday, 10/1, 6–8 PM
Instructor: Traci Zaretzka
Make art with your mark! Students will be introduced to fine art concepts such as composition, perspective, color theory, and sculpting which will all be taught alongside graffiti techniques. In this mini-session, students will create their own tag using soft and sharp shapes, wild style, or Gothic font, learn how to create 3D-letters using perspective, and make connected letters that flow. Next, they will draw a background setting and arrange their graffiti into an aesthetically pleasing composition. Finally, they will build their own 3D graffiti wall and tag it! Students wishing to build on the lessons learned in this free session can register for the full course, The Art of Graffiti.

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