Freewheeling: Color in the Digital Age

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The Visual Arts Center of New Jersey will offer a Teacher’s symposium on Thursday, May 10, and Friday, May 11, from 9 AM–3 PM. Teacher’s symposia offer unique professional development opportunities for art educators to come together and learn new creative skills to bring back to their classroom. This event, Freewheeling: Color in the Digital Age, will be led by contemporary artist Maureen McQuillan and includes a presentation by the artist, hands-on artmaking workshop, and gallery exercises that explore ways to view and interpret contemporary art. Attendees will receive five professional development hours upon completion, as well as lesson plans to take home to use in their classrooms.

“Since the dawn of the computer age, color has increasingly become the result of disembodied digital production,” said Ms. McQuillan. “Rather than sunlight reflecting off of an object, we see color disconnected from the world—synthetic, pre-programmed light emanating from a screen. As a result, the color wheel, based on 19th-century (and earlier) conceptions of color does not have the same relevance for artists. Even studying the different wavelengths and frequencies of color does not take into account how we all perceive color differently. In this workshop, we will discuss how our own relationships to color have changed since the dawn of the digital age, and how artists can create their own system of color investigation—one that recognizes and embraces its own failures and limitations.”

Please note: Teachers who require their schools to be invoiced for this program should contact Sarah Walko at 908.273.9121, ext. 213 or at directly to register.


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