Color & Consciousness: A Conversation with Bevil Conway

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Neuroscientist Bevil Conway will use the Art Center’s current color-themed exhibitions as a backdrop to facilitate an engaging discussion on the science of visual perception on Saturday, April 21, from 3–5 PM. Mr. Conway specializes on this topic in his scientific study and often explores the limitations of the visual system in his own artwork. Much of Mr. Conway’s research is guided by the underlying thought that visual art can be used to reveal insights about how visual information is processed. His interest in the dovetailing of science and art has spawned interdisciplinary study and the creation of a course entitled Vision and Art: Physics, Physiology, Perception, and Practice, which he has taught at Wellesley College in Massachusetts.

Mr. Conway has focused his research on the neural machinery behind color because he thinks it’s a powerful system and one that has value for designers and artists,” said Sarah Walko, Director of Programs at the Visual Arts Center of New Jersey. “This topic is one that all of the artists in the current exhibition Radiant Energy are exploring. Mr. Conway thinks insights into color processing may ultimately shed light on fundamental questions about human cognition. Because he understands the science behind how the brain processes color, t will be fascinating to hear him speak on that within the context of this exhibition.”

This event is free to the public and open to all ages.

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