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Women Choose Women Again

Main Gallery, Mitzi & Warren Eisenberg Gallery, and Studio X
January 17 - April 13, 2014

Opening Reception: Sunday, January 26, 1 pm - 4 pm

Co-curated by Mary Birmingham and Katherine Murdock

Women Choose Women, the first New York City museum survey organized by women and devoted exclusively to the work of women artists, opened on January 12, 1973 at the New York Cultural Center. This ambitious and groundbreaking show was conceived by an activist group, Women in the Arts (WIA), which had recently formed and whose membership demanded better representation for women artists in New York City’s museums and galleries. A jury of female artists, curators, and critics selected 109 women whose work reflected the broad range of art being made at the time. The show was well attended and widely reviewed, and it helped create a momentum that began breaking down barriers for women artists.

Four decades later we commemorate this historic exhibition by inviting thirteen artists from the 1973 exhibition to show their work again. In a nod to the spirit of the original show we also asked each of them to choose another female artist for inclusion in this show. Women Choose Women Again celebrates the collaborative energy that helped fuel 1970s feminism and remains one of its enduring legacies. Like the exhibition that inspired it, this show presents a varied selection of artwork reflecting the diverse interests and artistic practices of its makers. With work by twenty-six artists on view in three galleries and additional spaces throughout the Art Center, we hope to expose a whole new generation to the achievements of some pioneering women artists, while reaffirming the importance of activism, collaboration, and networking—all ideas that are still very relevant today.

Exhibiting Artists
Pat Adams
Clytie Alexander
Virginia Cuppaidge
Lois Dodd
Audrey Flack
Mary Frank
Sandy Gellis
Julie Heffernan
Judith Henry
Judith Hudson
Yvonne Jacquette
Joyce Kozloff
Sarah Leahy
Beverly McIver
Ann Messner
Elizabeth O’Reilly
Henrietta Mantooth
Debra Pearlman
Antonia Perez
Faith Ringgold
Arlene Slavin
Joan Snyder
Elke Solomon
Pat Steir
Michelle Stuart
Nina Yankowitz

The exhibition catalogue will be available in March, please call 908.273.9121 to order.
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Artwork detail: Judith Henry, Fargo High School (1935) Senior Girls, 2013