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Cordy Ryman

Cordy Ryman: Shuffle / Scrap / Echo
Main Gallery
January 11 - March 24, 2013

Opening Reception: Friday, January 11, 6 pm - 8 pm

Cordy Ryman uses a variety of found and recycled materials to make inventive paintings and installations. Gathering 2x4s, metal, plywood, cardboard, fluorescent paint, Velcro, glue, staples, sawdust, scraps from the studio floor, and his own discarded artworks, he constructs assemblages that hybridize painting and sculpture. Ryman experiments with many different types of paint, but he builds abstractions as much as he paints them.

With both large-scale installations and smaller pieces, the artist is always interested in the dialogue between the work and its surroundings. Windowboxing, a site-specific piece first created in 2010, interacts in a new way with the architectural features of this gallery. As with many of Ryman’s works, it draws our attention to the underlying support—in this case the wall—as reflected light casts colored shadows on the wall, “painting” ghost images.

Ryman’s variations on similar themes always appear fresh, even when they are fashioned from recycled scraps. His constant reshuffling of materials and repetition of forms create visual rhythms that echo and reverberate across the surfaces of his works. Fluent in the language of modernism, Ryman speaks it in a light-hearted and even humorous manner. His work respects the unfinished and elevates the imperfect.

Mary Birmingham

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Artwork detail: Cordy Ryman, Wave Echo Scrap Ghost, 2012