Winter Mini-Session Success Story: Intro to Digital Photo

Dave Blinder, a new instructor here at the Art Center, help a class over the Mini Session called Intro to Photography and Video for Teens (ages 13+)

He reported back this morning:

Seemed like a very successful class! I got the students to take their cameras off of automatic mode and use full manual controls to control the exposures. We did review some video pointers and settings but we really focused on digital photography because of their particular needs.

For our final project, both students took photographs of textures throughout the whole facility using the DSLRs in manual mode.  We then learned how to use the various color correction tools in Lightroom and I showed them how to choose the proper print drivers.  Both students walked away with their  digital montages as 13″ x 19″ prints on high quality photo paper that I brought in.

We are so thrilled to have Dave on board. Be sure to check out his other classes this winter!

NEW! Introduction to Digital Video & Editing

This is a class for adults, so be sure to sign up today!