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The Visual Arts Center of New Jersey is pleased to present its current exhibitions.


The Summer Laboratory for Social Practice

How can the arts serve as a place of experimentation where people reconnect with their environments and communities?  The VACNJ  has temporarily transformed the galleries into a laboratory for social practice.  This movement in contemporary art, also known as socially-engaged art, involves collaboration between artists and individuals, communities, and institutions who also have participatory roles in the creative process.   Four artists—Ruth Borgenicht (NJ), Diana Heise (MO and VT), Dana Hemes (NY), and Jeffrey Meris (Bahamas)— were invited to participate in this short-term residency during the weeks of August 6th and 13th. The artists are using this time to collectively discover and harness the wealth of available resources at the VACNJ and its surrounding community.  We are calling it a “laboratory” because it is experimental, with no predetermined outcomes.  The artists will utilize the multiple resources and collective knowledge of the VACNJ studio school, in developing various projects.  They will interact with the kids and teens attending our Summer Wonder Camp, their families and caregivers, and the surrounding community of Summit.

Related Programming

August 13th – The artists will be embedded at the Summit Farmers Market, where they will interact with the community, utilizing local produce and products and ideas about sustainability.

August 14-17, 1-3PM – During the two-week residency period the artists will also be available to speak with members of the public about their individual practices.

August 18th, 1-3PM – Garden Party, open to the public, celebrating the completion of the Residency.

Participating artists include:

Ruth Borgenicht

Diana Heise

Dana Hemes

Jeffrey Meris