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Teaching at the Visual Arts Center of New Jersey

We have two distinct pools of opportunity for you to explore here at the Art Center: working within our on-site Studio School and teaching outside groups through our Educational Outreach programming, which is both on and off site.


We are hiring teachers for the coming quarters to augment our extraordinary faculty! The Visual Arts Center of New Jersey is always looking for talented art educators and instructors to join our team. We are seeking professional artists and designers who are prepared to come and teach in our facility in Summit, New Jersey.

Programs range from classes for children to adults. The salaries are actually based on payment per class: children’s classes are 1.5 hours and start at $70/class, teen classes are 2 hours, and adult classes are 2.5 and start at $75/class, depending upon the previous experience of each candidate.

Candidates must be prepared to come early enough to perform needed preparations, teach for the allotted class time, then make sure the rooms are left ready for the next teacher. You are also expected to develop a syllabus for each class or workshop you teach to be handed out to the class and the administration by the first week of scheduled instruction. Students are surveyed about classes and these results are used to determine reappointment, along with infrequent observations. Teaching artists are offered some professional development outside of classes to help cultivate careers, develop offerings, and generally network.

Proposal Forms
Instructor Information Form (online form)
Spring 2017 Catalog (PDF)

This Quarter we are looking for instructors and proposals in these areas in particular:

  • Graphic Design (children through adults)
  • Digital Arts (children through adults)
  • Drawing and Painting (methods to bridge into other practices)
  • Career Development for Artists and Designers
  • Video/Photography (children through adults)
  • Sculpture (children through adults)
  • Analog Photography (non-silver, pinhole, instant)
  • Stained Glass (copper or lead)
  • PreK Art Instructors (classes will be 40 minutes, pay commensurate with experience)
  • Fiber Arts: Paper making, sewing, weaving, knitting
  • Jewelry: Precious Metal Clay, Acrylic
  • Ceramics: finishing techniques, glazing
  • Printmaking: Non-toxic transfer methods, traditional, screen print

To be considered for a teaching position for the upcoming semester, interested parties must:

  • Submit proposals upon application review
  • Required paperwork
  • Attend a formal orientation (scheduled after all proposals are scheduled)

Proposals are reviewed by the Studio School administrative staff at the end of the current proposal season. All proposals must be completed and submitted electronically by set deadlines in order to be considered. In making curriculum decisions, the following criteria are considered: student interests, curriculum balance, synergy with upcoming exhibitions, and proposal presentation.

To submit applications or for more information regarding opportunities and proposal procedures, please contact the Studio School at proposals@artcenternj.org.

Proposal Forms
Instructor Information Form (online form)
Spring 2017 Catalog (PDF)

The Visual Arts Center of New Jersey is always looking for talented art educators and instructors to join our team. Opportunities include instructing for our Gallery Education Tour Program, Adults’ and Kids’ Art Parties and a variety of exhibition-related art workshops.

For questions contact Sarah Walko, Director of Education & Community Engagement, at swalko@artcenternj.org or 908.273.9121 x213.