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The Studios

The Visual Arts Center of New Jersey offers classes and workshops in ceramics, sculpture, printmaking, jewelry, digital media, photography, drawing and painting. The building includes nine state-of-the-art studios.


Studio 1 is a fully equipped Ceramics studio for both wheel-throwing and hand building. Ceramics classes and workshops are offered throughout the year to students of all ages and levels. Occasionally, workshops are offered in specialized firing techniques. Studio 1 includes:
  • fourteen Brent potter’s wheels
  • two Bailey extruders and a Bailey slab roller
  • an assortment of studio-mixed glazes
  • large windows offering excellent natural light
  • a large sink for easy clean-up
  • ample shelf space to store works.
Tool kits and three clay bodies (White Stoneware, Warm Brown Stoneware, Brooklyn Red Stoneware and Raku) are available for purchase.

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Kiln Room
The Kiln Room is located between Studios 1 and 2 and includes:
  • two 8 square-foot electric kilns for glazing, sculpture and low firing
  • one 24 square-foot Fredrickson refrigerator kiln used primarily for glaze firing
The Kiln staff has a dozen experienced workers and two glaze makers. The staff fires the kilns several times a week, as needed, and also mixes the glazes.


Studio 2 is the Art Center’s Sculpture Studio. Several sculpture classes are offered throughout the year; students sculpt with both clay and stone. Studio 2 features:
  • four 20-foot floor-to-ceiling windows providing ample natural light
  • adjustable-height sculpting tables for each student
  • revolving stand for live models allowing students to view all sides of their subject without moving
  • three air compressors with pneumatic tools for stone carving
  • several bench grinders for stone workers
  • a spray booth for glazes and special finishes with a full exhaust system.
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Studio 3 is a multifunctional studio primarily used for Watercolor, Papermaking and Kids’ classes and also accommodates many of the Art Center’s Outreach programs and art birthday parties. Studio 3 includes:
  • a 20-foot floor-to-ceiling window for ample natural lighy
  • a professional overhead demonstration mirror for instructors to teach on a flat surface and be visible to all students
  • paper-making equipment, including tubs, screens, and fibers
  • a sink for easy clean-up and drying racks


Several printmaking classes and workshops are offered throughout the year in both monoprint and etching for all levels. Studio 4 is a fully equipped and ventilated Printmaking Studio containing:
  • two Charles Brand printing presses (32” x 48” and 17” x 30”)
  • high quality Handschy and Sharbenel litho inks (both oil and water-based in a variety of colors) and solvents
  • a paper wetting tray with screen for preparing papers to print
  • a tabletop glass palette for mixing ink
  • printing blankets, foam cushions and two large viscosity ink rollers (hard and soft) for monoprinting and etching
  • large windows for natural light and two large sinks for easy clean-up
A separate Etching Room within Studio 4 includes:
  • etching medium for both copper and zinc plate etching
  • a ventilated acid box and an Aquatint box for tonal work
  • an emergency wash station
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Jewelry classes and workshops are offered throughout the year for all levels; specialized techniques – enameling, precious metal clay, wax work and lampwork beadmaking – are occasionally offered. Studio 5 is a fully equipped Jewelry Studio with:
• 14 jewelry work stations, each with a Gesswein flexible shaft and personal lighting
  • four acetylene blowtorches
  • tools – including hammers, saws, pliers, solder, flux, pickle and files
  • two wheel polishers with four types of polish: Bobbing, Tripoli, White Diamond, Rouge
  • alcohol lamps and tools for wax work
  • pitch pots for repousee
  • two rolling mills for resizing and texture
  • ram press and hydraulic press for forming
  • separate hammering room, complete with anvil, drill press and large metal sheet cutter
  • full exhaust system, fire blankets and eye protection
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Digital Media

Digital media and digital photography classes and workshops are offered throughout the year to students of all ages and levels. Studios 6A and 6B are state-of-the-art Digital Labs featuring:
  • 16 computer stations with Mac G5 computers and 20” cinema screens with the following programs: Adobe CS4 Photoshop and Bridge, Adobe Lightroom 2, Adobe CS3 Design (Photoshop, Illustrator InDesign, Bridge Dreamweaver, Flash, Acrobat), and Apple iLife (iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD)
  • a printer at each station, plus two large-format printers
  • two Nikon 5000 and two 9000 film scanners for slides
  • 35mm and medium format film and Microtek and three Epson flatbed scanners
The Art Center uses Epson Ultra Chrome K3 inks and Epson photo-quality papers. Lessons are projected from a workstation onto a large screen at the front of the studio.

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Studio 7 is spilt into a multi-use front room and photography studio space. The front room contains:
  • tabletop work surface
  • a light table and light box
  • matte cutter
  • dry mounting/laminating press
  • ample table space and wide photography backdrops (black, grey and white)

Drawing & Painting

Drawing and Painting classes and workshops are the Art Center’s most popular offerings.
Studios 8 and 9 are the Art Center’s Drawing and Painting Studios, featuring:
  • high ceilings and large windows for natural lighting
  • an accordion partition between the studios can be opened to create an 1,800 square-foot space
  • six-foot adjustable wooden easels for each student
  • wash sink and drying racks
  • a variety of objects and drapery for still-life portraits
  • extra spotlighting for still-life portraits
Professional life models (both nude and clothed), who pose on a moveable, raised model platform, are also utilized.

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